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We have been placed in one of the most strategic places in South Florida and I fervently believe that if we can impact South Florida, we can change the world.

Use this contribution tool to outline your commitment to Extravagant, to see South Florida changed in our generation.

Add the normal giving + expanded generosity.
Multiply the above annual total by 2 to get your 2-year total.
Gifts that can come from creative places.
Add the 2-year total + gifts from other resources to show your total contribution to the financial initiative over the next 2 years.
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“This lavish expenditure (investing in God’s Kingdom) is beautiful and joyous. It does not bring grief or fear, but joy. So do not practice the extravagance of outsiders for it is unprofitable to you, the servants of God. But do practice your own extravagance in which you can rejoice.”

-The Shepherd of Hermas
c. 150 AD