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New Year’s Day always feels like a fresh start. You have a whole new year in front of you. You might even have some big goals for this year. Maybe this is the year you hit a big number in your business. Or it’s the year you pursue that promotion. Or you are determined to get out of debt or save for a big purchase. Maybe this is the year you decide to settle down or have a child. With all of the goals you can have for 2017, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the right first step would be? Following the Disciple’s example, we can see the first step we need to take to have an amazing 2017.

"The Gospel is the foundation upon which we stand as Christians. Without these basic truths we would be lost. But do we really understand the Gospel? Have we let it permeate into our very being? And if we did, what would we look like? Would we treat people the same? Would we speak the same? The answers to these life changing questions are uncovered through the scriptures in this teaching by Pastor Alan Platt."

Open for Sermon Notes

What happens when someone is angry at God? According to the Bible, God is so Holy that if we even saw a glimpse of Him, we would immediately die. We can’t handle His terrifyingly awesome glory. But let’s have a moment of truth. Has there ever been a time when you have questioned Him? Maybe deep down you are really struggling with God because of something He allowed in your life. It could be something recently or something a long time ago. But it is a serious offense to doubt God and question God. Right? So often we just swallow those feelings and try to ignore them. We certainly wouldn’t admit them to anyone else. We are supposed to be stable, consistent, faith-filled people. How could we ever admit that we are wrestling? If you’ve never read Psalm 88, you may be surprised how the Bible directs us to handle ourselves when we are Struggling with God.