Get To Know Us

Who are we?  

West Pines is made up of people from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds who are united by Jesus Christ.  Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey with God, we invite you to come and join us! 

Our Mission:  

At West Pines Community Church, we exist to honor God by serving our community so that they may know Christ and journey with us to spiritual maturity.


Our GATHERING is an expression of who we are as a church.  We devote this time each week to come together as a community to study the Bible, worship through music, and invest in each other’s lives.  We are made up of people who are united by Jesus Christ from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey with God, we hope you feel welcome at the Gathering.



There were crowds that constantly followed Jesus around. He was the Rabbi that reportedly did miracles to heal people. But within that crowd there was a smaller group that he referred to as his “mathetes.” Mathetes is a Greek word that described a person who followed a rabbi, teacher or philosopher very closely. They were more than just a student; a mathetes wanted to become just like the person he or she followed. Jesus told this group, “unless you take up your cross and follow me, you cannot be my mathetes.” It was like Jesus was saying, “if you want to be like me, then be ready to give everything up. I am going to die for this world. If you are in, then let’s go.” To be a mathetes of Jesus is an all or nothing situation. Who are these mathetes? We usually translate Mathetes into English as “disciple.” As a church we are striving to become mathetes and make mathetes. There are three primary attributes of a mathetes. A mathetes is Rescued, Awestruck, and Mobilized.




A MATHETES has been RESCUED. The more one studies the teachings of Jesus, the more it becomes apparent that He did not merely intend to leave behind morals and a better way to live. He was on a rescue mission. Humanity is lost. Every human being stands condemned with a death sentence hanging over their head. We have sinned against a Holy God, to whom we owe obedience and worship. But God loves us so much that He sent Jesus, His beloved Son, to die in our place, taking our punishment. Jesus came not merely to teach, but to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. This is a great rescue story, because until we are found by Jesus, we are lost and restless. When a person is saved by Jesus, he or she cannot help but follow after Him. A mathetes has been rescued and has never recovered. We never forget how He rescued us. We feel compelled to publicly declare our rescue, especially through baptism. If He has saved our eternity, how could we not give Him our lives?


A MATHETES is AWESTRUCK. As we follow Jesus, we begin to understand better who God is. We realize Who it is that we are dealing with, and that unavoidably stirs up an awe for the awesome, almighty God. Whenever the Bible talks about a human being who is in the presence of God, the reaction is usually one of paralyzing fear at the enormity of God’s glory. The Bible tells us that, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” But if we have accepted that Jesus absorbed God’s wrath, all God has left for us is love.  As we are awed by God’s glory and power and love, we begin to realize that our Creator is what our souls have longed for all our lives. We were made for a life of worship to God. If God is the One who invented all that there is, then we’d be foolish not to live according to His ways. The more we are awestruck, the more disobedience becomes unthinkable. A mathetes is perpetually awestruck, and that drives his or her life. We stir this up in our own private time with God and also by regularly gathering together to learn more about who God is, and what He did for us through Jesus.

A MATHETES is MOBILIZED. Before Jesus went to heaven, His final words to His mathetes, were “Go make mathetes of all nations…” Jesus made mathetes and if we are following Him, it is only natural that we too will go through the world making mathetes. A mathetes knows the main purpose that we are still on this planet is to spread the truth about Jesus, wherever He has placed us. Could there be a more valuable way to use this life?  Every mathetes is on mission. We have been rescued to rescue. Every mathetes is called to be a missionary right here in our city, and there are many ways we strive do that. We share our faith and invite people to our church. We sacrificially give to God’s mission. We go on foreign mission trips to bring aid to missionaries and agencies around the world. We do local service projects as Community Groups. One billion years from now, what could matter more than seeing men and women in Heaven because of a work we got to be a part of?