Community Group Questions 10/2/11

10/2/11 – Just One, Part 2: One Story Key Text: Acts 1:8-11


  • The essential message we are to go out and share, is our own story of how what Jesus did has impacted our lives.
  • Often we are afraid to share our faith, or feel unable to share our faith. We are afraid that people will ask us tough questions we don’t know how to answer.  But we are not called to be prolific debaters and defenders of the faith, but witnesses.  And our own story is not debatable.
  • So really, every Christian knows how to share their faith, it’s simply telling their story.
  • We should also know, that telling our story will come with sacrifice.  In fact the word for “witness,” is the term we also translate as “martyr.” Christians so often suffered because of their witness.  That eventually that term became synonymous with dying for one’s belief. As Christians, we should be prepared for the cost of sharing our story.
  • Thankfully the majority of Christians in American will not be faced with actual martyrdom.  However, there will always be sacrifice involved because that is following in the footsteps of Jesus.
  • Sacrifices for being a witness could be:
    • It could be costly socially. I could get a label among my friends or at work.
    • It could cause family strife.
    • It is uncomfortable.
    • It will require selflessness at Church. I will have to be more accepting. Be prepared to welcome people into my Church, Community Group and Student Ministry, etc. who are different.
    • It is a time commitment.
  • Most Christians are hesitant to share their faith because they think they lack the skills or the know-how.  But that is the easy part, its just sharing our story.  The challenge is the sacrifice.
  • How to construct your story:
    • We should pour ourselves into it. Of all our personal stories, this should be the most practiced and best told.
    • What did God do in my life that others may be able to relate to?
    • DON’T: focus on my past sin (accidentally glorifying sin). Our stories are not a contest as to who had the worst past or the most dramatic conversion.  That can be actually LESS relatable.

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Questions for Discussion:

  • What stuck out to you?
  • What are some of the costs of sharing your story that scare you?
  • How did God bring you to the realization of what Jesus did for you?
    • Who told you about Jesus?
    • What specifically about Jesus drew you to him?
    • What happened and how have you been impacted?
    • What difference has Jesus made in your life?
    • How would your life be different without Jesus?
  • What about your story do you think is relatable to other people?
  • When you share your story with other people, what do you hope they hear/learn?
  • Why is it a bad idea to get into a debate where voices and tension are raised?
  • What can you do this week, to take a relational step forward with someone you are praying for?
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