Community Group Questions 10/9/11

10/9/11 – Just One, Part 3: One Life

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Key Text: 1 Peter 3:8-17


  • If we want to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave each of us - to go and share what Jesus has done in our lives- there are several components to our lives that should be in operation, as we share.
  • Consistency Component: does how we live match what we believe.
  • Compartmentalization Component: am I always ready to share about what I believe about Jesus, or are there areas of my life that those conversations would feel weird?  That may be because Jesus is not been given access to those areas of our lives.
  • Conversation Component: we must be ready to actually share about what we believe.  Works alone will not communicate the hope we have.
  • Content Component: When we give a defense for the what we believe, it should be a message of hope. It should not be one of condemnation or fear.
  • Communication Component: When we share our faith it should be characterized by gentleness and respect.
  • According to 1 Peter 3:8-12 our lives should be characterized by things like:
    • Unity of mind
    • Sympathy
    • Brotherly love
    • A tender heart
    • A humble mind
    • Not repaying evil for evil or reviling for reviling
    • Blessing others
    • Keeping your tongue from evil
    • Keeping lips from deceit
    • Seeking peace and pursueing it
  • But a list like the one in 1 Peter 3, is an insurmountable task if it wasn’t for the hope that is in us.


Questions for Discussion:

  • What stuck out to you?
  • Who is someone you know who’s life is a good model of the gospel?
  • How does just living a Godly example for someone fall short of sharing the Gospel with them?
  • After reading 1 Peter 3:8-12, which of those challenges do you think is the most difficult?
  • Why do you think we try to separate what we say and do, not paying attention to the in-consistency of our lives?
  • How is living consistently a way that we can honor Jesus?
  • Why do you think we compartmentalize our lives, separating our spiritual component from the rest of our lives?
  • When we do compartmentalize our lives, how do we diminish the Gospel?
  • What is the most common content when you are sharing Jesus with other people? (Jesus loves you, sin is bad, hell is real, you need to change?)
  • How does sharing the Gospel without words fall short? (it shares morality and one person's ability to live rightly, but does not share Jesus and his love for that person)
  • What does it look like to share what you believe about Jesus with gentleness and respect?
  • What might lead people to inadvertently share Christ with disrespect?
  • Which part of sharing the Gospel is hardest for you?
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