Community Group Questions 10/23/11

10/23/11 – Just One, Part 5: One Soul Check out this quick video tip for you this week:


Main Text:  Luke 15:1-7


  • Jesus describes Himself as one who is proactively going after the lost.
  • Jesus lays the sheep on His shoulders. It is interesting that this is usually depicted as a small lamb.  However the word here is sheep.  The average sheep can weigh between 120-180 lbs.  This is a labor.  It is a picture of Jesus carrying the weight of our sin, in order to bring us into the fold.
  • This passage teaches us of the incredible value of Just ONE lost sheep.
  • There is great emphasis in this passage on the rejoicing that happens for the salvation of a soul.

Questions for Group:

  • Why do you think the Pharisees grumbled about Jesus reaching out to the “tax collectors and sinners”?
  • Why are we more prone to grumble as one of the 99 that stayed than rejoice of the one who is found?
  • What do you think is the most impacting part of the illustration of the shepherd seeking the lost sheep?
  • How does understanding this parable help you better appreciate the Gospel in your own life?
  • What about a better understanding of this parable makes you want to share the Gospel?
  • Who is somebody in your life that you are tempted to give up on because you've been trying so long? How does this parable help you continue to keep hope?
  • What would it actually look like if each of us put the same effort into reaching a lost soul?
  • What can we do to stir up a white hot passion and excitement to see a lost person come to Jesus?

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