Community Group Questions 10/30/11

10/30/11 – Just One, Part 6: Global Edition Check out this quick video tip for you this week:

Main Text:  Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8


  • As discussed through the whole Just One series, we are called to share the good news of the gospel.
  • Jesus’ final instruction before being taken up to be with the Father in Heaven was for us to share the gospel throughout the whole world
  • Jesus even explained what he meant by that using examples:
    • Jerusalem - our city
    • Judea - our state or country
    • Samaria - somewhere we would rather not go
    • Ends of the earth - everywhere
  • We can share the gospel beyond our personal reach by partnering with those who are in other parts of the world
  • We can personally effect the propagation of the gospel by building a relationship with a child that needs our help and love
  • We can see God at work in different environments than we are used to by going on a trip and experiencing it first hand.

Key Questions:

  • What stuck out to you?
  • When you read the phrase “to the ends of the earth” what place does God put on your heart?
  • Have you ever built a relationship with someone you have never personally met?
  • Have you ever been on a mission trip? Share your experience with the group.
  • What stands in the way of you becoming a pathway for the gospel into a child’s life that needs your love and support?
  • Is it easier or harder for you to give financially rather than go? (this is different of everybody)
  • Why does it seem easier or harder for you to think about sharing the Gospel with people you haven't met yet?
  • How does focusing on domestic or international missions at the expense of the other short circuit the Gospel? (God did not call us to one or the other, he calls us to both)
  • What stands in the way of you going on a mission trip?
  • If you are not able to go on a mission trip, what are some ways you can get involved in sending the Gospel to other nations?
  • Commit to pray as a group that all obstacles discussed be removed so we can be used by God to spread the gospel beyond our personal reach.

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