Community Group Questions 11/27/11

11/27/11 – The Risen Christ’s Call, Ordination of Steffen Humbert


  • Jesus rose from the dead.  That is the evidence that we too will be in heaven when we die.
  • If this is not true then everything we do is in vain. Paul says, we Christians are to be pitied if we give up our lives for the sake of the Gospel, if there is no Heaven.
  • If there is nothing after this life then the cry of Corinthian hedonism would be understandable, “eat, drink, for tomorrow we die.”  But we can give this life to God, knowing that we have the next life.
  • God is not anti-pleasure.  He created pleasure.  He wants His children to not put the pursuit of pleasure above the pursuit of God.  He does not want us to put our personal pleasure over seeking to build His Kingdom.
  • The irony is the pursuit of God will yield the greatest pleasure.  In giving up this life to seek God, we truly find the most fulfillment in God, Himself.
  • This is not only the call of a pastor, but the call of every Christian.  A pastor merely sets this example, and leads the rest of the flock in this Gospel-centered, self-sacrificing way if living.

Key Questions:

  • What are examples in our culture of the philosophy, “let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” (i.e. hedonism)?
  • Who is someone you have interacted with that has fully surrendered his or her life to God?
  • If Christ was not raised from the dead, why is our faith “futile”?
    • [Our sins are still in the process of being paid for.]
    • [We have no evidence that Jesus defeated death.]
    • [We have no example of life after death.]
  • Paul says that if he only had this life to hope in, he should be pitied above all.  Why is that true?
  • Why is it uncomfortable to be reminded of our mortality?
  • The more faith and hope for Heaven take root in our hearts, how will our reaction to our mortality begin to change?
  • How does being reminded of our mortality help reset our priorities?
  • How does the reminder of Heaven, rally us to spend our lives building His Kingdom?
  • In what ways are Christians commonly tempted live like this life is all they have?
  • Is there a priority in your life you feel God pushing you to tweak?
  • What is a faith step that God is calling you to right now?
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