Community Group Questions 1/1/12

Sermon Title: First Things First

Main Text:  1 Corinthians 15:1-4


  • We need to be reminded of the Gospel daily.
  • The Gospel is for believers to stand in daily, in addition to something we need to share to unbelievers.
  • As we interact with ideas on a regular basis, they start to change the way we think and act.
  • The Gospel changes us from the inside out rather than religion, which we try to change us from the outside in.
  • The one thing we need to focus on in 2012 more than anything else is the Gospel - Jesus’ death and resurrection for our salvation.

Key Questions:

  • What ideas or concepts have change the way you think?
  • What is something you try to remind yourself of regularly?
  • Out of all of the things we can make the most important in our lives, which one do you tend to make most important instead of the Gospel?
  • Why do you think we try to change ourselves rather than let Jesus change us by focusing on the Gospel?
  • Why do you think we forget that we should focus on the Gospel daily?
  • What about the Gospel struck you differently this time you heard it?
  • What are some ways you can focus on the Gospel in your day?
  • How can the Gospel change the way you view those who are closest to you in your life?
  • How has the Gospel changed the way you think this week?
  • Out of the benefits of dwelling on the Gospel, which is most amazing to you? (forgiveness, identity, generosity, etc)

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