Community Group Questions 1/8/12

Sermon Title: Doors, Part 1: What We Are

Main Text:  1 Corinthians 12:12-20


  • When we become Christians we become a part of something bigger than ourselves. All of us coming together make up one unified whole.
  • He uses the metaphor of a body to describe the church.  Just like there are many parts that are all necessary to comprise a body.  The church is a bunch of different indispensable parts making up the body.
  • Many of us, when we hear the word “church,” don’t think, “hey that’s me!”  We may think, “I have one I like to go to,” or “I help out there.”  But our identity should be even deeper rooted than that.  Each of us are made to think and operate more as “we” than “me.”
  • Sometimes we don’t feel like we ARE the church because:
    • that’s a new concept to us
    • I have always thought that it is “enough” to have a church I go to
    • I think that preachers/pastors/staff members, they are the church, I help them out.
    • I’m more of a background person, I can’t lead anything.  Maybe if I lead something I would be the church
  • But Paul says, each part of the body is necessary.  Just because I am not one part, doesn’t mean I’m not a part.  The body is comprised of eyes, ears, feet, toe nails.  Each part is necessary.
  • Since we are a part of a bigger whole, we have to not treat church as if it has to match up with all of my particular preferences.  It is not about ME, it is about what WE are coming together to become.
  • One door that God is calling us to walk through as a church this year, is going to two services. That is a step of faith, it will be a challenge, it will be more work, it will be inconvenient for most of us. But it is part of us being open to God making us who He wants us to be.

Key Questions:

  1. What are some otherwise tiny annoyances that can happen to your body, that are big distractions (eg. hangnail, splinter, eyelash in your eye, toothache)?
  2. What do you associate with the word “church”?
  3. What does he mean by this metaphor of the church as a body?
  4. Why is using the metaphor of the body to describe the church, ingenious?
  5. How should this metaphor effect how we view our role in the church?
  6. What are reasons that we often associate the church as something I go to, or help with, rather than something I am?
  7. Read Verses 17-18. In these verses Paul talks about how God intentionally placed a variety of unique “parts” in the church. How does that inspire me to take ownership in my church?
  8. Understanding that the church is something bigger than me, how does that effect how I handle my personal preferences?
  9. Why should Christians be the last group that lets personal preferences cause conflict?
  10. How is God nudging you to change your thinking or acting in relation to “the body” you are a part of?

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