Community Group Questions 1/15/12

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Sermon Title: Doors, Part 2: What We Need

Main Text:  1 Corinthians 12:20-26


  • Christians are all part of a larger whole. We are like parts of a body, which is the church.
  • Our culture breads individuality. We don’t like to be dependant on people. The reality is we need people.
  • Whether we acknowledge it or not, we long to do life with people. That desire is deeply inside of us.  Isolation and loneliness leads to despair.
  • True community is one that shares in victories and sorrows.
  • We have to acknowledge that community requires getting outside our comfort zone. If we don’t get out of our comfort zone we would
    • not take initiative to reach out to start friendships
    • not expand the circle to welcome others
    • not speak truth to those we love when it’s hard
    • avoid conflict
    • not ask for help
    • not confess sin to each other and get accountability
    • seek to instruct rather than seek to be vulnerable
    • seek to be served rather than seek to serve
  • Seeking community requires one to be self-less.  Seeking comfort is self-ish.
  • THE CHALLENGE: since we know we were created to be part of a body and we are created to NEED each other - Walk Through the DOOR of Community.
    • Take initiative to invest in, start, deepen a relationship. Go outside your comfort zone.
    • Get into a Community Group
    • Try Men’s Ministry
    • Try Women’s Ministry
    • Students, try Student Ministry

Key Questions:

  1. What aspects in our society do you think promotes individuality over community?
  2. When have you felt the need for community in your life?
  3. Why is reaching out for community uncomfortable?
  4. Which of the following aspects of healthy community is the most uncomfortable for you: taking initiative, addressing conflict, sharing weaknesses and failures vulnerably, asking for help?
  5. Verse 21 flat out says that we cannot say we don’t need each other. When are you most likely to tell yourself: that you do not need community or that you can handle it by yourself?
  6. When have you experienced someone entering into suffering with you well?
  7. What does it look like to enter into suffering with each other well?
  8. When have you experienced someone rejoicing with you well?
  9. Why is it so great to have someone rejoice with us?  What does it feel like?
  10. What is one way you feel God pushing you to continue forward, to walk through the DOOR of community?
  11. What have been some of the benefits of being involved in a Community Group?
  12. How can we as a Community Group, be proactive in getting other people into our group?

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