Community Group Questions 1/22/12

Best Video you ever saw:
Sermon Title: Doors, Part 3: Where I’m Needed

Main Text: 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, Romans 12:4-8


***COMMUNITY GROUP LEADERS: We have intentionally kept the discussion points and the questions to steer away from discussions about the miraculous gifts.  This is not because we in our church do not believe in the miraculous, but because that is a very tricky and difficult discussion. And we are not focusing on that in the message this week. So, since it is not being treated in detail in the sermon, I think it is best to try to steer clear of that discussion in the CG environment. Not only because of its complexity, but also because it can become quite heated.  It can work against the purpose of the CG environment which is to grow in community and practically apply scripture to our lives. If it comes up, I would just say, “hey those are some good questions.  Let’s table those for now.  And I would recommend that you ask one of the Pastors about that.”  If it is really becoming a sticky point, let’s talk and maybe one of us can actually come to the group one week and talk through some of that stuff.  We certainly are not trying to avoid those topics, we just want to deal with them in the right environment (like in WP 2.0, or one on one, or in a CG after it has been preached thoroughly).***
  • Every Christian is part of a greater whole, the body.  No Christian can say, “I’m not a part of the body.”
  • Every Christian needs the rest of the body. No Christian can say, “I have no need of you.”
  • Every Christian has abilities, given them by God, to be used to build up the larger body. No Christian can say, “I have nothing to contribute.”
  • There are all kinds of gifts:
    • Wisdom
    • Knowledge
    • Faith
    • Discernment
    • Administration
    • Helping and Serving
    • Leadership
    • Hospitality
    • Teaching
    • Giving
    • Mercy
    • Evangelism
    • Etc.
  • Some gifts seem very spiritual.  They seem like God is powerfully active.  Whereas some seem more ordinary and not as much like God just showed up in a big way. But scripture says, that God is empowering each of those gifts.  Each of them are an act of God.
  • The Challenge: Walk through the Serving Door.  As Christians who are part of a body, we must be actively using the gifts that God has given to us.  We should find a place where we can start serving in the church, even if it is in a simple way.
  • How exciting to consider that God is going to actively use us and the gifts and skills he has given us right now, to impact each other.

Key Questions:

  1. Has there ever been a time when you have seen someone serving in a small way with great joy?
  2. What do you think are some of the most under-appreciated ways someone is serving in our church right now?
  3. When has someone’s simple act of serving or helping impacted you?
  4. When have you been impacted by someone speaking wisdom into your life?
  5. When have you been impacted by someone’s gift of faith?
  6. What do you think holds people back from serving in their church: they don’t believe their gifts are valuable, or they don’t believe there is a need?
  7. What are some other reasons people hold back from actively serving in their church (other than, “I’m too busy”)?
  8. How is God nudging you to walk through the Serving Door right now?
  9. If you are currently serving in the church, what is a way that those in your role are impacting people?
  10. Is there a way we, as a Community Group can encourage those who are serving in thankless, under-appreciated ways?

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