Community Group Questions 4/8/12

Tip of the Week:
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Please share whichever of the following announcements apply to your group:
  • Waiting for Figs
    • Really excited about this new series
    • You may have never heard of the book Habakkuk
    • Habakkuk asked God a lot of the same questions we would like answered
    • We are going to journey with him and see how God answers those questions
    • Starting Next Sunday, right here in The Gathering
  • Kids Ministry/Family Dedication
    • We have an amazing Kids Ministry for ages 12 weeks old thru 5th grade
    • Meets during each Gathering on Sunday Mornings
    • More Details in the Bulletin
    • Kids Ministry is Organizing Family Dedication for Mother’s Day
    • Get Packet in the back
  • Student Ministry/Summer Camp
    • A great option for your middle and high schoolers
    • Middle school meets on Friday Nights at 7pm in the Backroom
    • High School meets on Saturday Nights at 7pm in the Backroom
    • They will be going to summer camp in June
    • Deadline is next Sunday to sign up
    • More details in the bulletin

Sermon Title: A Rescue

Main Text:  Luke 24:13-35


  • On Easter Afternoon, two of Jesus disciples are walking along the road traveling to a town called Emmaus. It’s the third day since Jesus died. They have heard from people that Jesus was not in the tomb and some people are saying He’s alive. But they are still troubled and sad.
  • They say they are sad because they had hoped that Jesus was the Messiah.
  • Jesus begins walking near them, but they don’t recognize Him.
  • He sees that they are troubled, and tells them that they are slow to believe. It was necessary for the Messiah to suffer first before He is glorified.
  • So He begins to go through all of the scriptures (at that time the Old Testament) to tell them how God had prepared them for this.
  • It wasn’t until he broke bread bread and gave it to them that they recognized him. Then He vanished.  They didn’t recognize Him until He gave them the bread that symbolized His broken body that He sacrificed for them.
  • They were slow to believe even though they had the whole scripture pointing to Jesus, the eye witnesses, and even Jesus standing right before them.  They were still looking for what to put their Hope in.
  • What about us? Are we still slow to believe even though, we have the record of scripture pointing to Jesus. We have the testimony of eyewitnesses. And even now Jesus is before us, offering his broken body for us.  Will we still be slow to believe?  Will we still put our hope in something else?
  • Putting our hope in Jesus affects our future, our past, and our present.
    • Our future is the defeat of death, like Jesus.
    • Our past is washed clean and removed.
    • Our present is in His hands.

Key Questions:

  1. What do you think Cleopas and his friend felt like when their hopes in Jesus as the Messiah were dashed?
  2. What do you think Cleopas and his friend felt like when they realized who they had been talking to?
  3. Why do you think the two guys didn’t recognize Jesus?
  4. Has there ever been a time you remember God working right in front of you, but you were too distracted to notice?
  5. Of all the OT examples of a Third Day rescue that were talked about in this series, which was the most meaningful for you? (eg. Jonah, Joseph, Isaac, Esther, Daniel, etc.)
  6. When Jesus rescues us, He takes CONTROL of our present, provides an ALTERNATE ending for our future, and DELETES our past. Which is the most impacting for you?
  7. Which is the hardest for you to accept?
  8. What are some things people often put their hope in, instead of Jesus, for their future, present or past?
  9. What are circumstances that tempt you to start losing hope?
  10. How can we encourage each other when we are losing hope?
  11. What is one practical thing I can do to keep my hope constantly on Jesus?

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