Community Group Questions 4/15/12

Tip of the Week:
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  • Family Dedication
    • Kids Ministry is Organizing Family Dedication for Mother’s Day
    • Get Packet in the back or see Melissa
  • Student Summer Camp/Fundraiser
    • June 18-22
    • Cost is $460
    • More details in the bulletin
    • Help our students raise the funds to go by buying coupon books
    • Books are $20 and can be ordered at the table in the back after the Gathering
    • Give 2 great coupon examples that will get money back right away

Sermon Title: Waiting for Figs, Part 1: Are You There, God?

Main Text:  Habakkuk 1:1-11


  • Habakkuk is complaining to God, saying, “Are you hearing me?”  “Are you listening, God?” “Are you even there?”
  • God responds telling him that He has not neglected Him.  He is working a plan that He wouldn’t believe even if it was told Him.
  • Later Paul quotes Habakkuk 1:5 in Acts 13:41, and ultimately interprets it to be referring to Jesus.  God is preparing a way for Jesus.
  • The Background
    • Babylon’s philosophy is to take people captives and leave them in pockets. So the Jews after they were in captivity created synagogues.
    • Persians sent the Jews back to Jerusalem.
    • The Greeks hellenised the world, making broad worldwide culture and a worldwide language.
    • The Romans created roads all over the world so worldwide travel was possible.
    • So when Jesus came to his people who were back in Jerusalem, He sent out His apostles. After Jesus went back to heaven, His disciples left Jerusalem and went on Roman roads to Jewish synagogues all over the world. And they wrote the New Testament in Greek so everyone could read it.
  • We have to know what God is capable of. He doesn’t bend the knee to the American dream. His first priority is not our health, wealth, success, relational status, retirement, career.  He has so much more that He wants for us!
  • Because Jesus took all of God’s wrath, and He has only love left for us, we know His plan will be for our good.
  • We don’t know the GOOD God is capable of.
  • Application
    • When you are trying to be there for someone who is struggling with God
      • No bumper sticker answers
      • Hurt with them, don’t fix them (it’s bigger than you can fix)
    • When you are questioning God
      • Be Real with God
      • Be Real with Community

Key Questions:

  1. When you look through Habakkuk 1:1-4 which of those things sound the most frustrating/scary?
  2. For the context behind Habakkuk, read 2 Kings 21:1-9. What of that description jumps out at you?
  3. Read Habakkuk 1:5-11, which of these things sound the most terrifying?
  4. Why do you think we often treat God more like a genie than Creator of the Universe with a sovereign plan?
  5. What do you think we often feel it is more mature to hide our frustrations from God?
  6. Why do you think we often avoid community even though we know how much we want and need it?
  7. What are some not-so-helpful things we sometimes do when trying to comfort a hurting person?
  8. What are some helpful things we can do to strengthen someone during a tough time?
  9. Read Habakkuk 1:2-4 again. What are sometimes in your life that you can relate to aspects of Habakkuk’s complaint?
  10. When is a time you have seen how God’s plan was worth the pain?
  11. What can you do to strengthen your faith while you wait for God’s plan to unfold?

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