Community Group Questions 5/6/12

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Sermon Title: Waiting for Figs, Part 4: Yet

Main Text:  Habakkuk 3:17-19, Job 13:15, Daniel 3:18, 1 Thess. 5:18


  • Habakkuk is in a tough season. Judah has turned from God and the whole society is in a dark place. The leaders are crooked, the king is evil, justice is perverted, and violence is everywhere. But what is ahead is even more bleak. What Habakkuk learns is that the Babylonians are coming to conquer Judah.
  • Habakkuk describes this difficult place as having a tree with no figs.
  • Then he writes the most important conjunction in the book: YET. Even while he is struggling he will rejoice in God.
  • As Christians we can rejoice while in a trial. But Habakkuk shows us a healthy way of doing that.
    • It is not pretending that our trials don’t exist.
    • It is also not pretending that we don’t also have fear, grief, loss, etc. Remember what he wrote in Habakkuk 3:16 - he is trembling before God.
  • Then how can we have joy?  Notice what he says about God: He is the God of his salvation. Our salvation gives us so much to rejoice in.
    • He loved us when we were His enemies. He loved us while we were sinners.
    • Think of all He has done for us! He came and found us, while we were lost.
    • He came down into our filth on a rescue mission.
    • He took the brutal punishment we deserved. He took the torture out of His love for us.
    • He promises Heaven for us when we die.
  • All of that indescribable love He has for us, shows us that how could He do anything other than act out of love for us. In fact, He promises that all He does is out of His love for us.  So even in this situation, He has a good plan of love for us.
  • He promises that no matter how high the mountain is in our lives, He will give us the agility to walk safely on the heights!  He will help you walk through your situation.
  • Habakkuk ends the whole book saying, this is to be sung. He literally says, play this on my stringed instruments. He is saying this is his song. This truth that He will help us scale whatever mountain is in our path, is to be sung with all that we are.

Key Questions:

  1. Habakkuk is communicating to a society that relies on farming. What would be their reaction to verse 3:17?
  2. Read 3:16 and 18. How would you describe the mixture of emotions that Habakkuk is feeling?
  3. Sometimes we think rejoicing in the Lord means pretending like we don’t have trials. How does Habakkuk give us a better way to respond?
  4. Sometimes we think rejoicing in the Lord means pretending like we aren’t emotionally hurting. How does Habakkuk give us a better way to respond?
  5. Reflect on your story as to how God saved you. What impacts you the most about His love?
  6. When you think about all Jesus did to save you, what impacts you the most?
    1. the fact that He left heaven and came to earth like a man
    2. that He was rejected
    3. that He was tortured and killed
  7. Realizing the extent of His love, how does that help us trust Him in this season?
  8. Habakkuk compares tough times to a tree with no figs. What are some ways you are waiting for figs in your life?
  9. What would it look like to “tread on” the top of this mountainous trial before you right now?
  10. What can you do to inspire rejoicing in your life, even while you are in the midst of this trial?
  11. Let’s take some time to pray for each other. Is there anyone who has a situation we can prayer for?

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