Community Group Questions 5/27/12

Tip of the Week:
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  • Stay Connected/Live Streaming
    • How many of you have some travel planned this summer?
    • We want to make it easy to stay connected while you are away
    • We are beta testing our new live streaming site
    • Live streaming of both services in their entirety
    • You can even chat with others who are watching
    • Do you want to help us introduce families to West Pines this summer?
    • We are going to make that easy for you
    • We will be having SSFFMN several times this summer on Friday Nights
    • First one, Friday, June 8th at 7pm
    • Free popcorn and beverages will be available for purchase
    • Bring your own chair, blanket, tent
  • Student Summer Kickoff
    • Don’t be bored at home this summer...Join us for endless shenanigans!
    • Kicking off the Summer on Friday June 8th for Ignite and Sat June 9th for Elevate.
    • We are staying late until 10pm

Sermon Title: Burkina Faso, with Mike Riddering

Main Text:  Luke 19:1-5


  • God is doing a great work in Burkina Faso, through the Ridderings. For more information check out:
  • Zacchaeus did not walk to see Jesus, he ran.
  • Zacchaeus was not a tall man, so because there was a crowd, he had some obstacles in seeing Jesus.
  • There were many thing in his way that could have stopped him from seeing Jesus but, he was proactive. He climbed a tree.
  • We need to get past our obstacles to seeing Jesus. Sycamore trees do we need to climb?  What might be in our way keeping us from hearing God’s plan for us clearly?
  • Living in the culture we do, there could be many things that serve as an obstacle: our plan, our expectation of a comfortable life, all our stuff, etc.

Key Questions:

  1. Of all the stories that Mike shared, what impacted you the most?
  2. What was your reaction when you heard that Mike and his family felt privileged and joyed to live and serve in Africa?
  3. If you suddenly felt like God was calling you and your family to a place like Africa, what would your initial concerns be?
  4. Just a few years ago the Ridderings were a “regular” South Florida Christian family, and God has taken them to Africa. How does their story challenge you?
  5. Read Luke 19:1-5, what were the various obstacles Zacchaeus had keeping him from seeing Jesus?
  6. Zacchaeus made great effort to see Jesus. What were some of the proactive things He did?
  7. What are some things that are obstacles for Christians in our culture, that keep us from hearing God’s plan for us clearly?
  8. What are some obstacles in your life, that are try to distract you from hearing God’s plan for you?
  9. What is something proactive, that you feel challenged to do, to not be distracted from hearing God’s plan for you?
  10. What can we do to continually stir up an ongoing compassion for the tremendously needy in other countries like Burkina Faso?

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