Community Group Questions 7/1/12

Tip of the Week:
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    • How many of you heard how awesome SSFFMN was?
    • We had a great turnout last time - over 150 people (cheers)
    • This time, we want to see lots of new faces
    • Friday July 20th at 7pm
    • Free popcorn and beverages will be available for purchase
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  • WPWM
    • 8 week study on Malachi
    • Starting back up on  July 11th
    • Wednesday nights from 7-9pm
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  • Student July the 4th Party

Sermon Title: Soul Refresh, Part 5: What it Takes to Stay Refreshed

Main Text:  Psalm 103:20-21


  • Psalm 103 ends like it begins, with commands to bless the Lord.
  • As he crescendos at the conclusion of the Psalm, He commands all the works of the Lord, every place, every being to bless the Lord.
  • In particular He takes time to command the angels to bless the Lord.
  • He describes angels as those who are His messengers, His army. They are those that are constantly ready to obey His word, to fulfill His will.
  • If there is any group that will be joining the loudest with the Psalmist it would be the angels.
  • Angels are basically worship machines. They are made to worship, it is what they do. There is nothing they do that is not driven by worship and is not saturated in worship.
  • But that is the same as us!
  • We are no different than angels. We are worship machines. We are created to be worshipers in everything we do.
  • This is how we are wired. In fact the only reason we ever get “UNrefreshed” is because we get our minds off of God. We forget Who He is - something the Psalmist commands himself not to do. When we get out of worship mode we begin to break down and malfunction. When we get out of worship mode we get out of refreshed mode.
  • We can live lives of worship by:
    • Stopping and intentionally remembering
      • [ideas of where to go from here]
    • Worshiping during other activities
      • prayer
      • music
      • podcasts
    • Worshiping through other activities
      • whatever we do with thankfulness
      • whatever we do selflessly
      • whatever we do for God’s sake
      • whatever we do with all our effort
      • whatever we do to further God’s work
    • Maintaining a constant consciousness and interaction with Him
  • In beautiful symmetry He ends the song with the same line. But this is more than just poetics. It is not just a closing line that nicely ties everything up.  Remember, this line is a command. A command that is expected to be accomplished. He leaves the song with the intentions of staying in a place of blessing the Lord.
  • This series has been set up to be a retreat, like a pitstop to be refreshed. But we should leave here with a new way of living. We should leave here with the intentions of living constantly in a place of blessing the Lord.
  • We can be refreshed constantly, if only we intentionally stay in this mindset.  If we choose to be worship machines.

Key Questions:

  1. What do you imagine angels to be like?
  2. How has the Bible affected the way you view angels?
  3. What does it say about God that these are the beings that serve Him?
  4. When is a good time in your schedule to pause and refresh your mind, with thoughts about who God is?
  5. What are some resources you have used before in your quiet time that were encouraging for you?
  6. What are some resources you are interested in trying out?
  7. What are some ways you can worship DURING the regular activities of your life?
  8. How does someone worship THROUGH the activities of their lives?
  9. What is a way you are specifically challenged to worship through life’s regular activities?
  10. If God is with us all the time, what is keeping us from having constant interaction with Him?
  11. What some ways you can stir that up in your life?
  12. What was the most refreshing thing for you in the entire Soul Refresh series?

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