Community Group Questions 1/6/13

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  • WPWM New Study
    • Starting a new 7-week study on 1/23
    • 10am and 7pm - same study, just two different times to jump in
    • Childcare - Day time study only (10am)
    • Study Guides will be available at the study for  $15 each
  • WPMM Guys Night Out
    • Guys Night out on 1/14/13
    • 7pm in The Fuge
    • Pool, Ping Pong, Pizza and Wings
    • Just show up
  • WP1.0
  • If you haven’t been to West Pines 1.0 before, this is for you
  • An event we do every couple of months to let you get to know West Pines better
  • After the 2nd Service on 1/13, Lunch & Childcare provided
  • Write 1.0 on the back of your Connection Card to let us know you’re interested in coming.

Sermon Title: Mighty Like An Ant, Part 1: Balcony Level Perspective

Main Text:  Proverbs 6:6-8


  • This is a series that identifies principles to be successful in 2013. The teacher of these principles is one of the wisest and most successful men in history. He tells us what inspired him: The Ant. This series is designed to look at what is so special about the ant, and be inspired by it. It is a practical series, that gives steps to making 2013 the most successful yet. It doesn’t matter where you feel like you are at, this series will transform sharpen your focus and give you a timeless tried and true path for success.
  • Ants are surprisingly resourceful, active and ordered. It is easy to see a group of ants rebuilding an ant hill as just swarming chaos. But they are in fact very ordered. There is design behind what each ant is doing.
  • Solomon picks up on this and tells us to take note. He says that you watch ants and they are all self-motivated. There is not a complex system of infrastructure so each ant is held accountable. Each ant is self motivated.
  • There is a queen, but she is focused on reproducing. It is not as if she is sitting in a throne room giving orders. No, ants are as self-motivated of a creature as you could find.
  • Being self-motivated is a key to making 2013 one of the most successful years yet.
  • But there is a major obstacle to being self motivated: we lose perspective. We get into the grind of life and don’t have a big picture of what is happening.
  • Self-motivated people are people that keep perspective of why they are doing what they are doing. They have the ability to get a “balcony level perspective.” When you get up on a balcony, you can see farther ahead, you can see what’s coming, and you can look down at everything at once.
  • Think about this:
    • God has something he wants to do through you
    • Think about what God can do through one person
    • You are not alone, God is working through you!
    • That’s a pretty incredible resource
  • Here are some ideas of how to get a Balcony Level Perspective:
    • If you can take time:
      • set aside a day of your vacation to think and plan and schedule
    • If you don’t have a lot of time:
      • Journal
    • Plan regular think time
      • have to turn off the tv
      • go for a walk
      • get solitude
      • get quiet
    • Resource Idea: Holy Discontent

Key Questions:

  1. What do you think drives us to be more reflective around this time of the year?
  2. Prior to studying this passage, what was your opinion of or interactions with ants like?
  3. When you think of ants, what character traits would you use to describe them?
  4. Read Proverbs 6:6-8
  5. Who is a self-motivated person you have observed that has been successful?
  6. Why does losing perspective lead to losing self-motivation?
  7. What are some ideas of regular on-going things people can do to keep perspective and stay self motivated?
  8. What is an area that you want to feel more self-motivated in?
  9. What do you think causes you to lose motivation in that area?
  10. If you could get up on the Balcony in that area, what do you think you would see?
  11. What is one thing you can plan to do, to set aside time to get that balcony level perspective?
  12. What is going to be your on-going plan to keep perspective?

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