Community Group Questions 2/3/13

Please share whichever of the following announcements apply to your group
  • Community Groups
    • Do you struggle to actually put all you hear on Sunday into action?
    • Wouldn’t it be cool to have a group of people to talk through what is taught?
    • That is exactly what a community group is
    • Pull out Insert and pick one
  • WPSM Super Bowl Party (Steffen Interrupts)
    • Students join us on Today for the Superbowl
    • Come win the first ever "Fuge" flag football bowl at 4:30pm.
    • At 6pm we will kick off our tailgate competitions and break open the food so be sure to bring a friend, a dish & your meanest game face.
    • We will be staying the entire duration of the game
  • Band Auditions
    • Auditions will be held for both vocalist and musicians on Wednesday, 2/13
    • There will be a preparation packet given out  prior to auditioning.
    • Contact our worship director Sarah Garcia after the service for more info.
Sermon Title: Mighty Like An Ant, Part 4: Strength in Numbers

Main Text:  Proverbs 6:6, 30:24-25, 12:15, 15:22, 19:20, 27:6




  • Solomon tells us to go to the ant because they are small but wise. He tells us if we learn from the ant, he says we too will be wise.
  • We learn from these verses that while the ants as a people are not strong, but are successful. It begs the questions as to what makes them successful?  What is the secret to their success?
  • The secret is that they find their remarkable success in how they work together as a people. They rely on each other.  Ants will come together and extend their bodies to make bridges so other ants can cross. They will clump together to form a floating raft to get past a stream. They can accomplish amazing things when they work together.
  • This is a common Biblical principle. God wired us to rely on each other.
  • But this is counter cultural for us. We are fascinated by the single personality and the contribution of single individuals. It is not enough to see which team won a big game. We want to know which player was the most valuable.
  • We often find it a sign of weakness to seek counsel. We, as a culture are very squeamish about getting corrected. We easily get offended and defensive.
  • But scripture clearly says that we should seek counsel and correction.  We should seek personal development.
  • In all spheres of life:
    • In Leadership: do we see ourselves as the experts with all of the good ideas? Does it have to be our way? Or do we use our position to draw out the ideas and expertise of those around us? Leadership is not the same as expertise. If we want to be the expert we should be a consultant, not necessarily a leader. A leader draws together experts and harnesses their knowledge and input for a common goal.
    • In Marriage: we NEED each others feedback and correction. If we are unwilling to take it, we are doomed to fail. Many see going to counseling as a sign of failure. The reality is the exact opposite. It is a sign of wisdom. Being too proud to go to counseling is failure, and foolishness.
    • In our Spiritual lives: Do we have the relationships around us that can speak into our lives? Do we have an attitude that is open to God’s correction in our lives
  • Practical Suggestions: Personal Development
    • Seek Advice and Counsel
      • If you are bad at that, memorize Proverbs 12:15
    • Be open to Correction
      • if you are bad at that, memorize Proverbs 27:6
    • Read
      • read books
      • read blogs of people who succeed in your field, or in what you’re passionate about
    • Listen to podcasts
  • Ultimately self sufficiency is counter to the Gospel. We have done nothing whatsoever to gain God’s acceptance. We are totally reliant on someone else: Jesus.

Key Questions:

  1. What is an example of how our culture values self-sufficiency and individual performance?
  2. When was a time in your life that you sought out advice and it turned out to be invaluable?
  3. Read Proverbs 6:6 and 30:24-25
  4. When was a time you didn’t seek advice and made a mistake?
  5. What is your typical reaction to correction?
  6. Why is it so hard to receive correction?
  7. What is something practical we can do to receive correction better?
  8. What has been your experience with reading? What are some of the most helpful books you’ve read?
  9. What area of your life right now, do you need to get some input in?
  10. What are you going to do to get that input?
  11. How is an attitude of self-sufficiency counter to the Gospel?
    1. we are totally reliant on someone other than ourselves for salvation: Jesus.
    2. when we rely on ourselves we completely miss our need for Jesus.

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