Community Group Questions 2/17/13

Please share whichever of the following announcements apply to your group
  • WPMM Guys Night Out
    • Monday 2/25 at 7pm in The Fuge
    • Pool, Ping Pong, Foosball, Dominos
    • Pizza, Flanigan’s WIngs
    • No SIgnup Required - just show up
  • MAPP Classes
    • Many of you have expressed interest in finding out more about becoming a foster parent
    • The best way to do that is to attend MAPP classes where they will answer all of your questions
    • West Pines is hosting those classes every other Saturday for 4 sessions starting on 3/9/13
    • Classes go from 9-5 except the last one which ends at noon.
    • Keep an eye on the bulletin for more info as that date approaches
    • Until then, be in prayer for whether this is the next step for you on that journey

Sermon Title: Basic Elements, Part 2: Community

Main Text:  Acts 2:42-47


  • In Acts 2:42-47 we see the first things that these new Christians did. This is the infant church. There is no manual, no book, no tradition.  All we see is what these Christians did instinctually. These are the things that once they had accepted Christ they couldn’t help but do. These are the Basic Elements.
  • One thing that we see very overtly in this passage is their deep, consistent relationships. In fact this passage says, “they devoted themselves to... fellowship.”
  • They did things like:
    • Went to the temple TOGETHER to study the Apostle’s teaching
    • They went Day by Day
    • They had all things in common, they shared
    • They welcomed people into their homes, this shows that they were sharing their lives together
  • The desire for relationship comes naturally. But the commitment to invest in those relationships is a conscious choice.
  • Friendship requires commonality. Fellowship requires Christ-likeness.  We can make a friend because we like the same team or same music or have the same hobby. But to have fellowship it requires more. It requires devotion, it requires sacrifice, it requires vulnerability.
  • The Gospel compelled this early group of Christians to be devoted to fellowship. Because of the Gospel, community was instinctual.  Why?
    • God transforms us with His sacrificial love.
    • We are then filled with that love and instinctually display it to those around us.
    • That is basic evidence of God’s work in our lives.
  • The desire for fellowship is a deep down need that we have. The question is are we willing to sacrifice for it.
  • Here’s what we need to do to be Committed to Community
    • Be Devoted - that means invest time
    • Be Sacrificial - that means it’s not all about us
    • Be Vulnerable - that means open up and let people into your life
  • This is the reason we offer Community Groups. It provides a context to develop fellowship.

Key Questions:

  • How would you define different levels of friendship?
  • Read Acts 2:42-47
  • Listen to this statement: “being in committed relationships is a basic need of every human.” Do you agree? Why or Why not?
  • What makes sacrifice a basic component of every relationship?
  • Why is intentionally scheduling time for relationships essential?
  • Why is that so difficult?
  • Why is vulnerability essential to a committed relationship?
  • What are some things that make you feel safe being vulnerable with someone else?
  • What makes giving of yourself so essential to a relationships?
  • Which of those 3 distinctives of Community the most challenging for you (time, vulnerability, sharing)?
  • What are things we should commit to as a group, to foster committed relationships?

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