Community Group Regime Change ...

Group Leaders, I (Dan) am writing you from a bunker. Well, it's a bunker that looks a lot like my office. But I wanted to let you know about an important change for our Community Groups. Probably the best way to sum it up is this short (59 sec) video:

[vimeo 61892123 w=500 h=281]

If clicking on the video didn't work, you can copy and paste this link in your brower to watch the video:

Then, once you've watched the video, you can scroll down to the rest of the email.

Seriously, watch the video first...

What's that? You can't play the video? You're in a meeting at work and you can't play the audio? Hmm... ok. Make sure you watch the video later. It's worth it. But here's the important info:


That's right, I'm back at the helm of our Community Groups. Robey and Matt have been holding down the fort while I was working on some other things, but I'm back and excited to be leading our Community Groups. Here are a few highlights of what that means:

  • A new and improved Community Groups blog (
  • Sermon recap, Announcements for your group, and Group Leader Questions posted every Sunday at 1PM on our CommunityGroup Blog.  (
  • Weekly Community Group Leader tips (via short videos) on our Community Groups blog every week.
  • Regular phone calls from yours truly to check in and see how we can better equip you to lead your group
  • Quarterly visits from the Group Fairy (ok, I need to rethink that name) to encourage your group and help coach you
  • Group Leader Training Events! That's right! We're putting together some Group Leader Training Events  for this next year and I'm excited about what's coming together. More details on that later.
I'm really excited about working with you to lead our Community Groups. God is doing some amazing things at West Pines right now and I can't wait to see His work in your Community Group!
If you have any questions or need anything, leave a comment below.