Community Group Questions 5/26/13

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  • New Women’s Ministry Study
    • On June 12 our Women’s Ministry is starting a new 6-week study!
    • The study will be Wednesday nights from 7-9PM as we study "Jonah - Navigating a Life Interrupted" by Priscilla Shirer.
    • Study guides will be available for $15 each at the study.
    • If you have any further questions please write Women's Ministry on the back of your Connection Card.
  • Kids Summer Serve
    • We have a fantastic Kids Ministry that is going on right now during our services on Sunday morning. And we have a new opportunity for you this summer in the Kids Ministry:Kids Summer Serve.
    • We’ve created some new positions that will run during the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We want to give you an opportunity to try out serving in the Kids Ministry, and this is the best way to do it.
    • All of the positions serve every other week, so that means it’s a commitment to serve for 7 or 8 times this summer.
    • If you’re interested in serving, write Kids Summer Serve on your Connection Card or stop by the Kids Guest Services today after the service.

Sermon Title: A New Family

Main Text: Romans 8:15-17, Acts 2:42-47


  • When we become a Christian our relationship with God shifts radically. We move from being “enemies of God” (Colossians 1:21) to adopted sons and daughters of God.
  • This new vertical relationship with God where we become His child has some incredible benefits - He provides for us, protects us, and cares for us, but one of the greatest benefits is what takes place horizontally between us and other Christians.
  • When we become a Christian we are adopted into the world’s largest blended family. In God’s family there is UNITY within DIVERSITY. We are now related to people of all different ages, socio-economic levels, ethnic backgrounds, etc.
  • This new relationship with other Christians isn’t simply strangers with a commonality, but brothers and sisters of the same family.
  • When we realize that we are family, it changes the way we interact with one another. The early church really lived this out in a beautiful way (Acts 2:42-47)
  • From the early church, we see a radical caring for one another.
  • 1st - Caring enough to spend time with one another. They were intentional about the time they spent together.
  • 2nd - Caring enough to deal with problems. The early church had problems, but dealt with them head on. They didn’t treat relationships as disposable, but realized that they had to lean in to deal with the issues.
  • 3rd - Caring enough to sacrifice for each other. They saw their possessions/time/resources not as belonging exclusively to them, but as belong to one another because they were family.

And just for fun, here is the adoption video Jon used in his sermon. [vimeo 55307071 w=500 h=281]

Key Questions:

  1. What was the Low of your week? What was the High of your week?
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where your relationship with someone changed the way others treated you?
  3. Read Romans 8:15-17
  4. How does our relationship with God change at the moment of salvation?
  5. Is it encouraging for you that God allows you to call Him Father? How does understanding that God is our Father change the way you view Him?
  6. In the passage we read, Paul calls the Holy Spirit the “Spirit of adoption”. In what ways should the fact that every Christian has been adopted spiritually change the way we engage with children who are physical orphans and in need of adoption today?
  7. Do you think it is difficult for us to really view other Christians as true brothers and sisters? If so, why?
  8. During the sermon, it was said that “when you become a Christian, we are adopted into the world’s largest blended family.” Should the fact that we are spiritual brothers and sisters to people of different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds shape the way we interact with those who are ethnically and economically different than us? How so?
  9. When you are adopted by God, you are adopted into the world’s Do you think it is difficult for us to really view other Christians as brothers as sisters?
  10. The early church beautifully demonstrated what it’s like to view other believers as family. One of the ways they did this was by spending time with one another frequently. Why do you think the simple act of spending time with other believers is an important part of the Christian life?
  11. When someone offends you, do you have the tendency to shut that person out or seek to reconcile the relationship? Why is it important for us to engage each other in times of conflict and not view our relationships as disposable?
  12. Give an example of a way in which another Christian has sacrificed something to help serve you as a brother or sister in Christ?
  13. What is one way that you personally can take responsibility for helping West Pines continue to function as an extended family of faith and not just strangers worshipping the same God?

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