Community Group Leader Training Event - Video

We had a great time on Saturday, August 24th at the Community Group Leader Training Event. I've put together everything from the event in this video for you to watch if you missed the  event, or if you wanted to go back and review something. [vimeo 73767199 w=500 h=281]

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about our Community Groups this season:

  • All of our Groups will officially launch THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th! Be on the lookout for who you can invite to your Community Group.
  • When following up with Community Group Prospects, personal touches are always better than email and texts. So take a minute and pick up the phone, give them a call, and try to get a hold of them before they come to your group (I also like to follow a phone call with an email that has the info, just in case they lose the stuff they wrote down during the phone call).
  • WEAR YOUR NAME TAG on Sundays to help remind yourself that you are on a mission - to recruit people to your Community Group when you show up on Sunday (If you haven't picked up your name tag yet, come see me on Sunday. I have it ready and waiting for you).
  • We will start posting training tips and questions on this blog starting Sunday.

And MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Our Winter Training Event is scheduled for Saturday, January 11th from 10am to noon.