Community Group Questions for 9/15/13

It's Week 2 of the Community Group Season! I hope you all have had a great first week and are looking forward to a productive, exciting run with our Community Groups through December.

If you missed the memo, make sure you mark your calendar for our Winter Training Event, scheduled for Saturday, January 11th from 10am to noon.

This weekend we're kicking off an 8-week series on the Sermon on the Mount titled INVINCIBLE.  Here's the awesome trailer we've been promoting:

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Weekly Training Tip

Last week we talked about how important Hi/Lo is to your group. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

This week we're talking about how to get more people involved in your Community Group by letting them volunteer to help in 3 different areas: 1. Snack Coordination, 2. Party Planning, and 3. Cleanup.

Here's the video:

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*Please let your Community Group know about the announcements that matter to them.

Kids Ministry All Team Meeting

  • We have an awesome Kids Ministry that goes on during our services.
  • Next week, they’re having an all-team meeting right after the 2nd Service for everyone who currently serves in our Kids Ministry.
  • If you’re interested in checking out our Kids Ministry and possibly serving there, you’re invited!
  • The meeting will be from 1-3 next weekend. So plan on sticking around. Lunch will be provided, but please make other arrangements for your children.

Sermon Title: Invincible, Part 1: Poor

Main Texts: Matthew 5:2-12, Proverbs 1:7, Isaiah 6:4, Revelation 1:17

REMINDER: The following Topics are for your preparation purposes only and should not be shared with the group as a refresher.

  • The word beatitudes means “blessed sayings.”

  • We use the word “blessed” to mean like “fortunate” or “lucky.” But this word means something deeper. At its core it means “happy.” But not in like a shallow emotional way. It means more like “bliss.” The beatitude formula would refer to ideals. Jesus is essentially saying these truths are foundational truths that if we follow them we will thrive the way God intended.

  • But when we look at what Jesus said is ideal for humanity it is utterly foreign to anything we could find in humanity.

  • The first beatitude says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for there’s is the kingdom of heaven.”

  • Nowhere in the world is someone who is poor in any capacity held up as the ideal for humanity. This is alien.

  • This word for poor is talking about utter helplessness. The type of total poverty that one might find in a third world country. They are beggars. It is not a matter of getting a job, there are no jobs to be gotten. There are not government programs or relief agencies. They are totally helpless and in need.

  • Jesus is saying blessed are those who realize that they are impoverished spiritually. Those who get it, those who are thriving, are those who understand that they stand before God in utter need.

  • In other words it doesn’t matter - how much we read the Bible, how much we pray, how often we go to church, how much we give, how much we serve - before God we have nothing to offer.

  • Jesus says those people who understand their spiritual poverty will get into the kingdom of heaven. He says the way to get to heaven is for starters to recognize that we stand before God totally impoverished spiritually. We are beggars before God.

  • This is how Jesus starts His sermon, and this is how Proverbs starts out. It says, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” (1:7)  If we want to know anything, if we want to know how to operate in this world we should start by understanding who God is and where we stand in relationship to Him.

  • Every morning we walk out the door and are utterly dependant on Him. He holds our molecules together. He holds our universe in His hand.  Do we forget who He is?

  • How does this intersect with our lives? Do we have a fear of God? Do we understand where we stand before Him?

    1. If things don’t like how something in our lives has gone, do we feel like we’ve been gypped?

    2. When we pray is it like we hand over to God a To Do List that we expect Him to get done and in a timely manner? Or do we come before Him humbly realizing who He is?

    3. Are there areas in our lives that we are disobeying lives and don’t really care? Or do we humbly obey Him?

    4. Do we go through life thinking we are self-sufficient? Do we go days, weeks, months, without acknowledging God? Or do we start every day thinking reminding ourselves that we are completely desperate for God?

    5. When we make decisions are we reliant on ourselves - our wealth in resources, connections, experience, education? Or do we rely on God?

    6. Ultimately even though we are beggars before God, Jesus was the act of mercy for us. He died to pay our debt and save us.

Key Questions:

  • What was the high of your week? What was the low of your week?
  • What stuck out to you on Sunday? / What is still lingering in your head from Sunday?
  • If you could have the superpowers of one superhero who would you pick?
  • Read Matthew 5:2-12.
  • If we say someone is “blessed” what are we usually meaning?
  • How is Jesus using the term “blessed”?
    • [to thrive, the ideal of humanity, how God intended for us to operate]
  • Read Matthew 5:3.
  • What does it mean to be poor in spirit?
    • [spiritually impoverished, we don’t have anything to offer God]
  • In our world what kinds of wealth is thought to make someone thrive?
  • How is Jesus’ statement alien to what we hear on our planet?
  • Read Proverbs 1:7, Isaiah 6:4-5, Revelation 1:17
  • Why are these descriptions important for us to understand?
  • How will this truth affect how we interact with God? (things like prayer, obedience, decision making, etc.)
  • How is this truth the first step for hearing the message of Jesus?


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