Community Group Questions for 9/29/13


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This week we're talking about handling prayer requests in your group.

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Women’s Ministry Study: Unglued

  • We’re really excited to announce that we’re starting our next Women’s Ministry Study in just 2 weeks, on Wednesday, October 16th.
  • We will be studying Unglued: Making Wise Choices In The Midst Of Raw Emotions" by Lysa TerKeurst.
  • It’s a 6-week study that will be held on Wednesdays from 10-11:30AM in the Multipurpose Room.
  • Study guides will be available for $10 each.
  • You can check out your West Pines Top5 for more info or contact me at if you have any questions.

Women’s Ministry Girls Night/Day Out

  • Before we kick off the new women’s study, I want to invite all of you women to join us at the movies to see an awesome new movie that is coming out titled “Grace Unplugged.”
  • So mark your calendars and make plans to join us on Wednesday, October 9. We’ll have two times that day to join us, one during the day and one at night.
  • More details to come, but make sure you set aside that date and plan on joining us.

Sermon Title: Invincible, Part 3: Meek

Main Texts: Matthew 5:2-12

REMINDER: The following Topics are for your preparation purposes only and should not be shared with the group as a refresher.

  • The Beatitudes are the eight phrases that Jesus opens with in His Sermon on the Mount. The word beatitudes means “blessed sayings.” The word “blessed” mean more than just lucky or fortunate. This is Jesus showing us the intention of God for how humanity is to thrive.

  • The first beatitude is: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The place for humanity to start is to realize our spiritual poverty. When we realize where we stand in relation to the Almighty, Holy God, we realize we are helpless and need to be saved.

  • This realization of our spiritual bankruptcy leads us to mourn. The second beatitude is: Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. The natural reaction to our state before God is to realize that our sin is mourn-worthy. It is destructive to me and those around me. Then I find comfort in the suffering of Jesus on the cross that paid for my sins.

  • That leads us to the third beatitude: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. What does the word “meek” mean?

  • The word here translated as “meek” is an interesting word. It is sometimes translated elsewhere as “humble,” it is also sometimes as “gentle.” It is a word that is associated with the word, “lowly.” In Matthew 11:29, Jesus says “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart.” The word here translated gentle is the same word translated “meek”in the beatitude.

  • It is a Greek word that the was often used to describe a wild animal that had become tame.

  • So what is Jesus meaning here?

  • Meek is essentially submission. But just like the power of a stallion being bridled, they do not become less powerful. Their power becomes more focused and purpose. They can be used even more powerful under the reigns of a skilled rider.

  • We are achieving the ideal of humanity, when we live our lives in submission to God.

  • This is naturally the next step in the beatitudes:

    1. First Beatitude: We realize that before God we are spiritually impoverished. We are beggars before God and dependant on His mercy.

    2. Second Beatitude: We mourn for our state. We realize that our sin is mourn-worthy, because it is destructive.

    3. Third Beatitude: Realizing we owe God everything; realizing that we can’t trust ourselves because of our polluting sin, we submit ourselves to God.  We are humble and submitted to God.

  • This is making actually God. Just because we believe in God is irrelevant if we haven’t made Him OUR God. The Bible uses the word Lord, which means master. We say that Jesus is our Savior and Lord, because it implies that He is the boss. Have we surrendered our life to God?

  • Who is the main character in the story of my life? Is it me? Is all of my life about what is going to happen to me? What wealth I’ll accumulate, what accomplishments I’ll achieve, what status I’ll climb to, what fame I’ll attain, what happiness I’ll find?  If I’m the main character of my life, then I may believe in God, but He is not MY God.

  • If I am the main character of the story, that’s a movie not worth watching. That’s a predictable, knock-off B-movie. But when God is the main character of my story, that is the making of a Blockbuster.

  • Meekness is an attitude of total submission to God. We become His servant. We await His orders.

  • When we submit to God, then inevitably we will serve each other. We will put each other before ourselves.

  • Take inventory: Is God the main character?

    1. Are all my dreams, plans, and life expectations about me?

    2. The big upcoming decision, who is it for?

    3. Am I willing to obey even when it doesn’t make sense to me?

    4. What was the last thing God prompted me to do that, I didn’t?

  • How can we remind ourselves everyday who this day is about?

Key Questions:

  1. What was the high of your week? What was the low of your week?
  2. Icebreaker: Who do you think is the best superhero and who do you think is the lamest?
  3. What stuck out to you on Sunday? / What is still lingering in your head from Sunday?
  4. Read Matthew 5:2-5
  5. When you first heard the term meek, what did you think of?
  6. How is Jesus using the term meek?
    1. [humble]
    2. [submission to God]
    3. [like a wild animal that has been tamed, power that is under discipline and submission]
  7. In what ways is this the opposite of how the world operates?
  8. How do these first three beatitudes form a natural progression?
  9. Read James 2:19
  10. What is the difference between believing in God and making Him our God?
  11. How does making God the main character of our lives, make life more: unpredictable, adventurous, epic?
  12. What are some of our society’s plans, expectations, dreams for life that in the end are kind of predictable reruns?
  13. On a personal level, what are some areas you feel God may be challenging you to bring under submission to Him?
  14. What are some creative ways we can remind ourselves every day that He is the main character of our lives?

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