Community Group Questions 10/13/13


Weekly Training Tip

This week we're talking about how to ask someone else to lead your group for a week.

Here's the video:

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*Please let your Community Group know about the announcements that matter to them.

Women’s Ministry Study: Unglued

  • This Wednesday kicks off our next Women’s Ministry Study, Unglued: Making Wise Choices In The Midst Of Raw Emotions" by Lysa TerKeurst.
  • It’s a 6-week study that will be on Wednesdays from 10-11:30AM in the Multipurpose Room.
  • Study guides will be available for $10 each.
  • You can email Melissa Mashburn for more info or details about Childcare.

Child Sponsorship Sunday.

  • This weekend was Child Sponsorship Sunday. That means churches all across the US were talking about sponsoring children in other countries in a way that not only provides for their health, by providing food, but also provides for their spiritual lives, by telling them about Jesus.
  • We had opportunities to sponsor children after the service in Guatemala with Compassion International and in Burkina Faso with Sheltering Wings.  You can still go to Compassion's website to sponsor kids in Guatemala or contact the church about sponsoring a child from Burkina Faso.
  • Both organizations are amazing and we partner with them to provide for their immediate physical and spiritual needs of these children, completely changing the course of their lives.

Sermon Title: Invincible, Part 5: Merciful

Main Texts: Matthew 5:2-6, Proverbs 31: 8, James 1:27, Titus 3:5, 1 John 3:16-18

REMINDER: The following Topics are for your preparation purposes only and should not be shared with the group as a refresher.


  • Have you ever noticed how when you go through a difficult season of life, you become more sensitive to others who go through a similar situation. Maybe before you would have felt bad for them, but now that you’ve gone through it your heart breaks for that person. Maybe you even get active in preventing others from going through the same thing. Before that issue wasn’t on your radar, but now you are striving to be part of the solution.

  • That stirring in your heart is compassion. It is mercy in action.

  • Jesus teaches us that one of fundamental intentions for humanity is to be a merciful person. It is a primary key for how our lives are to thrive.

  • What is mercy? To understand mercy it is important to separate terms. In the Bible there are two terms that are similar but have an important distinction: compassion and mercy. Compassion is typically associated with an emotion or internal impulse. It is the feeling of pity towards someone. It is the righteous anger that drives someone to fight for justice.

  • But mercy is different. Usually the term for mercy is a term of action. It is not simply a feeling.

  • In this beatitude, Jesus is calling us to mercy. He is calling us to take action on behalf of the needy. It is not merely enough to feel pity. We have not yet achieved mercy until we take action.

  • We are told in the Bible that anyone who has had an encounter with the Gospel, will necessarily become increasingly merciful. In other words, legitimate Christianity and a heart of compassion are inseparable. Why is that?

  • Because embracing the Gospel is the acknowledgement that God has had astonishing mercy and compassion towards us. He sacrificed greatly for us. The more we comprehend that, the more merciful and compassionate we become.

  • Those who follow Jesus have had a catalyst in our lives, that will drive us to acts of mercy. The Gospel is the message of an incredible act of sacrifice on our behalf. If we truly understand the Gospel we will be compelled to show acts of mercy to others.

  • There are two ways we can respond to this beatitude:

    1. Awareness - as Christians we shouldn’t cocoon ourselves from the needs around us. We should become aware so we are stirred to take action. Two ways we can do that 1) sign up for more info about going on a mission trip, 2) come see the film Living on One we are going to be sharing in a couple weeks.

    2. Action - you can take action today. One small way that makes a HUGE impact is to sponsor a child. West Pines partners with both Compassion International and Sheltering Wings in Burkina Faso Africa. For less than $40 a month you can release a child from poverty!

Key Questions:

  1. What was the high point of the week and the low point?

  2. What is still bouncing around in your head from Sunday?

  3. Read Matthew 5:7 and 1 John 3:16-18

  4. How does the more we think about what Jesus did for us, automatically affect our compassion for others?

  5. What are some issues and causes that stir up your compassion?

  6. What are some issues that you would like to be more stirred to compassion for?

  7. How do we in our society cocoon ourselves from the needs around us?

  8. What are some ways we can heighten our awareness of the needs in our immediate community and throughout the world?

  9. What are some excuses we use for not taking action on behalf of the needy?

  10. What are some creative ways you’ve seen others take action to impact the needy?

  11. What is one action you can take this week to become more merciful?

  12. What would hold you back from going on a mission trip?

  13. If you’ve had the experience, describe what it feels like to have the privilege of showing mercy to someone else?

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