Community Group Questions 11/10/13


Weekly Training Tip

This week we're talking about planning out your group through the end of the year and we also discuss some dates for closing down Community Groups for the holidays.

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*Please let your Community Group know about the announcements that matter to them.

Kids Ministry Service Project: X Marks The Spot

  • Through the month of November, West Pines Kids Ministry is partnering with Sheridan House Family Ministries as we collect new, unwrapped toys for their Christmas Toy Drive.

  • We’re calling it "X Marks The Spot," which ties in perfectly within our Kids Ministry focus for the month: "Wisdom - Finding out what you should do and doing it!"

  • We can't wait to watch our kids in action this November.

  • For more information about the mission project, you can email Melissa Mashburn at

West Pines 1.0

  • If you’ve never been to West Pines 1.0 before, this is for you!

  • 1.0 is an event we have every couple of months that is designed to help you get to know West Pines a little better and decided if this is where you want to call your church home.

  • It start at 11:15 and run during the 2nd service, Sunday, November 17th, in our Multipurpose Room.

  • If you’re interested in coming or want more information, email Pastor Dan at

Sermon Title: A.K.A. Part 1: I Am Salt

Main Texts: Matthew 5:13

REMINDER: The following Topics are for your preparation purposes only and should not be shared with the group as a refresher.


  • Jesus refers to His followers as salt. He says it plainly and unmistakably. He says, “you are the salt of the earth.” In this statement, Jesus is defining who we are. So here is a question for us: do we identify ourselves the way Jesus does? In order to do that we need to know why he chose salt…
  • In both ancient times and today salt serves two purposes: as a flavoring and as a preservative.
  • As a flavoring salt is unique as a condiment. Salt is used to enhance and draw out the current flavors. As opposed to Ketchup. Ketchup just adds in a new flavor, ketchup-flavor. Salt enhances the good.
  • The ancients also used salt as a primary preservative. You can imagine that without refrigeration, preserving food, especially meat, would be difficult. They would use salt for that. Even today sodium is used as a preservative. So salt combats the things that corrupts. So Salt eliminates the bad.
  • This is what Jesus is saying that we do. To put it as simply as possible: we enhance good and eliminate bad.
  • What we believe is that evil and sin is destructive and is breaking apart this world. Jesus left us here to be a preservative force. Our godliness preserves the world around us. Think about how godliness is contagious
  • When someone is bitter towards someone else, that only adds to their bitterness. But when they are forgiving, that triggers forgiveness
  • Pride triggers pride. But humility also triggers humility.
  • The same is true with joy. When someone is always negative and complaining and always pointing out what is wrong, that spreads to other people. But a contented, thankful, upbeat person is also contagious.
  • The same could also be said about kindness, honesty, and on and on.
  • This is not a small thing. This is not just a pep talk to go make someone smile today. This is world-changing. This could be what saves a marriage, reunites a family, saves a company. Understanding what our influence is in the world, is the difference between living a life that has made a positive impact or not.
  • This is our identity. We are sprinkled all through this community to preserve and flavor. God has us here, to keep the evil from destroying this world.
  • We may not realize it but this is who we are. Are we living up to our identity? Here’s Jesus’ question: are we salty?

Key Questions:

  1. What was the high point of your week and what was the low point?
  2. ICEBREAKER: When you are in the mood for something salty, what snack usually comes to mind?
  3. Read Matthew 5:13
  4. Where did you keep the salt packet, to remind you everyday that you are the salt of the earth?
  5. As you have carried that salt packet around, has that brought about any realizations or opportunities?
  6. Read Galatians 5:22-23
  7. Think through the traits listed in Galatians 5:22-23. When we demonstrate those traits to those around us, how are some of those traits contagious?
  8. What are the spheres of your life that God has already sprinkled you in?
  9. What spheres do you feel like you are the “saltiest,” and which would you like to see yourself more “salty” (by salty we mean: having a godly influence)?
  10. What are some specific ways in those spheres of life you can act like a flavoring and enhance the good?
  11. What are some specific ways in those spheres of life you can act like a preservative and fight the bad?
  12. What can we practically do, to make sure this becomes a more fundamental part of how we see ourselves?
  13. When seasoning food, we can add too much salt. Can the same thing happen in the way we interact with others?
  14. If so, how do we find a good balance, without just making excuses?

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