Community Group Questions - 5/4/14

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This week we're talking about the Leadership Team Meeting and what it means for us as Group Leaders.

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Family Dedication

  • Next weekend, on Mother’s Day, we will be celebrating Family Dedication together, which is your chance, as parents, to dedication your preschooler.
  • If you’re interested in being a part of that celebration, stop by the Kids Ministry Guest Services TODAY and pick up and application, and we’ll also be there to answer any questions you might have about Family Dedication.
  • There’s more information in the bulletin and we’ll be in the Kids Ministry if you want to know more. Or you can contact Sandy Hall at for more info.


Sermon Title: Unwind, Part 2: Perspective

Main Texts: Matthew 6:25-32, Proverbs 11:25


  • In this passage Jesus tells us to not be anxious. This challenges us, because we tend to accept stress as part of our lives. Jesus tells us what is underneath stress. It is a lack of faith.
  • In this passage we also learn there are types of stress. Jesus references a few different things we may get stressed about. He says do not be anxious about what we will eat and drink, and what we will wear. There are two types of stress represented here: necessities and vanities. This can help us sort through what we are stressed about. Am I getting stressed about a vanity or a necessity?  This is helpful perspective.
  • But He also reminds us of something important. He reminds us of our value. He tells us that if God takes care of all of nature, how much more will he take care of us! And he doesn’t just care about the necessities, he also cares about beauty. He feeds the birds but he also clothes the flowers with beauty. He cares about both of these things, because He is our Heavenly Father.
  • Part of what we forget is our value.
  • But another way we can combat these stresses is by being the one who relieves the anxiety of others. We can be the one that says to the poor that they are valued by God. And that gives us a helpful perspective. That reminds us that most often the things we are stressed by are the things that do not matter that much. It helps us put into perspective the stress that we really have.
  • This Sunday was Compassion Sunday. Combat your stress by putting it in perspective. Have the joy of communicating to someone in need their incredible value to God.


Key Questions:

  1. HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  2. ICEBREAKER: In nature, what do you think is the best demonstration of God’s love for beauty?
  3. READ: Matthew 6:25-32
  4. What jumps out at you from this passage?
  5. Why do you think Jesus picked those particular examples of what we get stressed about (what we will eat, drink and wear)?
  6. What are some common things we get stressed about that are really just vanities?
  7. What are things that are vanities that we think are necessities?
  8. What are some things we get stressed about that are actual necessities?
  9. Reread Matthew 6:26-30
  10. Jesus tells us that when we get stressed, we are forgetting how much God values us. How does that perspective help relieve stress?
  11. What are practical ways to regain that perspective?
  12. How does relieving the anxiety of others, help give us perspective on our lives?
  13. Does anyone have an example of a time when they helped someone else and that gave them perspective on their anxiety?
  14. What are some things that are stressing you out this week, that you have needed to get a better perspective on?


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