Community Group Questions - 5/18/14


Weekly Training Tip

This week we're talking about why we're closing down groups for the summer. Only 3 weeks left!

Here's the video:

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Guatemala Fund Raisers

  • This July we are sending a team to Guatemala to work with Compassion International and do some light construction.
  • There are two opportunities for you to help, two fundraisers to will help the team members.
  • On Wednesday, June 4th we will have a dinner and silent auction and then Sunday, June 8th we will have a waffle breakfast and bake sale.
  • You can find more information about these events in your bulletin.

Kids Ministry Summer Serve

  • There is a great opportunity to get involved this summer in our Kids Ministry with Kids Summer Serve.
  • Summer Serve is going on from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It's your chance to jump in and have a blast with our Kids Ministry, serving every-other week over the summer (7 or 8 times total). Your bulletin has more info about how to get involved.


Sermon Title: Keep The Peace, Part 1: Keep Out Judgmentalism

Main Texts: Matthew 7:1-2


  • Few things create more relational conflict, than judging each other. No likes it when someone else is judgmental. But it can creep into all of our lives.
  • So what does it mean to be judgmental? At its core being a judge is simply declaring someone else “guilty” or “not guilty.” That is exactly what we do, when we are being judgmental. We look at people’s decisions or perspective and decide for ourselves what they should have done.
  • We judge people about kinds of things:
    1. what they wear and how they look
    2. how they spend their money
    3. how they handle their relationships
    4. how they handle their kids and their marriage
    5. their morality
    6. their decisions
    7. their beliefs
    8. their personality and character
  • What makes judgmentalism so sneaky is that it all happens internally. It may not be anything that is spoken outwardly. It may all just be an inner dialog we have about someone in our minds.
  • Being judgmental is extremely dangerous. Because it erodes the basic message of the gospel. We are not perfect and need Jesus. If we are imperfect, then we should expect others to be imperfect. If we are imperfect, then why would we expect that we have a perfect perspective of other people.
  • We must view others through the lense of the Gospel - we are fellow sinners with imperfect perspectives of each other.
  • We have enough to worry about with ourselves. We shouldn’t make assumptions about other people, as if we have a perfect perspective. They answer to God not us.
  • But we are called to speak into each others lives. But we do so as people who:
    1. may not be seeing clearly
    2. are also imperfect


Key Questions:

  1. HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  2. ICEBREAKER: When you think of a conflict, what TV relationship do you most think of?
  3. READ: Matthew 7:1-2
  4. What does “judging others” mean?
  5. Do you agree or disagree with this statement: being judgmental is labeling others guilty or not guilty. Do you agree or disagree and why?
  6. What are the types of things people judge other people about?
  7. What are the types of relationships that judgmentalism most often creeps into?
  8. What is the difference between how we expect God to judge us versus how we tend to judge other people?
  9. What would it be like if God judged us the way we judge others?
  10. How should the Gospel change how we view other people?
  11. What happens to a church when there is a culture of judgmentalism?
  12. What are some practical things we can do to combat our own judgmentalism?


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