Community Group Questions 10/26/14

Weekly Training Tip:

This week's tip is about how to stay ahead of the game for the remainder of this Community Group Season.

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  • Objectoberfest
    • Students! This Wednesday we’re going to celebrate Objectoberfest - which is the most amazing halloween party you’ve ever heard of. It is going to be for both Middle and High School from 7-9pm.
    • Come dressed as your favorite inanimate object, like a square or a spork, or a wheel of cheese.
    • And our new Student Pastor, Justin Chades, will be there too!
  • Baptism Classes 
    • If you haven’t been baptized since you put your faith in Jesus, or if you just want to know more about baptism, you should come to our baptism class on Thursday, November 6th.
    • And if you have kids that are interested in baptism, we will have a special baptism class for the kid’s ministry on Sunday, November 9th.
    • This is a great opportunity to either move toward taking the step, or just finding out about this big step in your spiritual life.
    • For more information, check out your bulletin or write “Baptism” on the back of your Connection Card.

What Is Heaven Like? Part 5: Help Me Believe In Heaven

Main Text: John 14:1-7


  • As we have talked through this series, there is great benefit that can come from thinking about heaven. It gives us the freedom to surrender this life for God to use however He wants. It gives us strength through suffering. It gives us a framework of worship through which to view our current life. It gives us hope in the midst of grief.
  • But still, the idea of life continuing after our death is so foreign. And frankly sometimes it is hard to believe. How can we strengthen our belief about Heaven.
  • Jesus pushes us to believe. He tells us to believe in Him and to believe in God. He assured us that He is preparing a place for us. Then he says to us flat out, “why would I tell you this if it wasn’t true.”
  • Jesus is essentially saying, if you believe in me, you should certainly believe in heaven. It goes hand in hand.
  • First of all, one of the things that Jesus assured us of, is eternal life. We have to ask ourselves do we believe what Jesus said?
  • Second of all, Jesus demonstrated life after death. He lived it. He died and rose again from the dead. While His resurrection may be unbelievable, there is incredible evidence for it.
  • There is tremendous evidence for life after death, but in the end it is a decision of faith. Jesus encourages us to choose to believe.
  • Then we can live in light of eternity.

Key Questions:

  1. HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  2. ICEBREAKER: What do you think is the most ominous way to start a conversation?
  3. READ: John 14:1-7
  4. Jesus has just said some ominous sounding things. How does he comfort the disciples?
  5. How does believing in Jesus and believing in Heaven go hand in hand?
  6. What is the greatest evidence of the resurrection of Jesus?
  7. How is the resurrection evidence of eternal life?
  8. Why is it that Jesus is the only way we can get to Heaven?
    • [Because he is not just one more moral teacher that is telling us how to work our way there. He is God coming down from Heaven to wash away our sins by His work on the cross.]
    • [He is not just another voice saying here is what you have to do to get to Heaven. He is the lone voice saying, here is what I have done to get you to Heaven.]
  9. What are some desires that are subconscious expressions of your soul’s longing for Heaven?
  10. What part of this series on Heaven will stick with you the most?
  11. What are ways our present lives are different by a robust view of Heaven?
  12. What specifically is the way you most want your life to look different in light of Heaven?

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