Community Group Questions 1/25/15

Weekly Tip:

This week’s video tip is about the devotionals in the Rescue 119 Booklet and the upcoming Town Hall Meetings

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To recap:

  • Make sure you spend some time in Community Group talking about the Rescue 119 devotional readings. To help the group, think about which reading has impacted you most.
  • All Community Groups will NOT meet the week of February 1st through February 7th. During that week, we will encourage everyone to attend the Town Hall Meetings.
  • During the Town Hall Meetings we will discuss the logistics and details of how we, as a church, are going to pursue everything we’re talking about in this Rescue 119 series. Please let your group hear about the details at the Town Hall Meeting for the first time.


Town Hall Meeting:

  • Tuesday, February 3rd or Thursday, February 5th at 7PM.
  • Childcare available for both nights.

Sermon Title: Rescue 119: Awestruck

Main Text:  Matthew 17:1-8


  • Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on a mountain with him.

  • It is hard for us to imagine what happened next. He “transfigured” before them. He changed form. His face was so bright it was “like the son.” His clothes were bright light. Can you imagine if that suddenly happened before you? But that wasn’t the only thing strange that happened.

  • Moses and Elijah appeared. That’s right two guys who had been “dead” for centuries appeared and started talking to Jesus. They weren’t just any old dead guys, they were two of the most significant figures in the history of Israel. They represent the Law and the Prophets.

  • Peter blurts out, “it’s good we are here we can build tents..”

  • But God Himself interrupts and says, “This is my Son in Whom I am well pleased; listen to Him.” A cloud descended on them. It was the presence of God. No doubt it was the same type of cloud that led Israel through the wilderness and that filled the temple when Solomon dedicated it.

  • Not surprisingly the disciples are now on their faces terrified.

  • Jesus places a hand on their shoulders and says “rise and have no fear.” And when they looked up everything was back to normal.

  • What in the world is this story? Do you think their perspective of Jesus changed after that? I’m thinking it did. It isn’t just that he transfigures and is radiating joy. It isn’t just that Elijah and Moses appear. God’s presence and then His voice speak His approval of Jesus.

  • God’s voice told the disciples to listen to Jesus. I’m betting that stuck with them…

  • One attribute of a mathetes is that they are constantly AWESTRUCK by God. God is not just a concept. Jesus is not just a buddy. The more we understand who Jesus is, the more we appreciate the presence of God the more it changes our submission to Him.

  • When we are awestruck by God, why would we want to disobey Him? Clearly His plan is superior to our plan.

  • If we are awestruck by God, we live lives that are centered on worshiping Him, and not pursuing idols.

Key Questions:

  1. HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?

  2. ICEBREAKER: When have you felt awestruck before?

  3. DEVO DISCUSSION: What has jumped out at you so far in the Rescue 119 devotions this week?

  4. READ: Matthew 17:1-8

  5. Reread verses 2-3. Which part do you think would have shocked you the most?

  6. What do you imagine Moses and Elijah were talking about?

  7. Why do you think Peter said what He said in verse 4?

  8. Why is the disciples reaction to the voice of God, the instinctual reaction of all humans to the presence of God?

  9. How do think Peter and James and John prayed differently after that?

  10. Why don’t we pray like that now?

  11. What does this passage teach us about Jesus?

  12. How does having an awe or fear of the Lord affect how we decide to live our lives?

  13. What are ways we can stir up awe for God regularly?

Don't forget to post your attendance after group.