Weekly Tip:

  • Our vision for community groups needs to mirror the church's vision to make Mathetes.    As the church grows, we will need more groups in which these Mathetes can participate and feel at home.  The best place to get new group leaders, is from within an existing healthy community group.
  • Who is a potential new Community Group leader in your group?  Begin mentoring them and having them facilitate occasionally.
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  • Announcements:
  • March 15th is our Family Dedication Celebration. That is where parents can present their child before the church and commit to raising their child in a home that knows and loves Jesus. It’s an awesome opportunity for parents of young kids to commit to teaching their children about Jesus. If you want more information, just write “Family Dedication” on the back of your Connection Card or stop by the  Guest Services desk in the Kids Ministry.

Sermon Title: Humanity Hardwired, Part 4: Wired Perfectly

Main Text:  Genesis 1:25-31, Psalm 18:30, Psalm 139:14


  • After every day of creation, God sees what has been made and says that it is good.
  • After the last day He sees all that He has made and declares that it is very good!
  • This has massive implications on how we view life. We have to fundamentally ask ourselves the question: whose version of “good” do we embrace? Do we go with what our surrounding culture declares as good or do anchor our view of good on the Creator’s perspective? Who is a better expert?
  • This has implications on:
    1. What He has said. God’s laws are often considered by our surrounding culture as outdated. They are seen as archaic. People question why Christians would want to submit our lives to the truths written in a book 3500 years ago. But aren’t we then saying that God has gotten outdated? Isn’t it embarrassingly ridiculous to think that we have a better view of morality than the creator?
    2. What He has made. Often our culture tells us what it looks like for someone to look good. So many get caught up in that and despair that their body doesn’t look like what the world declares is good. But whose description of “good” do we accept? God looked at all his creation and declared it good.
    3. How He works. If all that God does is good, then why do we question what He does in our lives. Even though sin wrecks this world and our lives, we can trust that He is going to reach in and act with goodness to make it right. If it seems like God is not working for good in your life right now, then you are really struggling with this truth: does God do second rate. The truth is God only acts perfectly. Trust Him that He is doing good in your life now.

Key Questions:

  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  • ICEBREAKER: Who are critics to whom we in our culture look to tell us what is good and not good?
  • READ: Genesis 1:25-31
  • Why do you think it says “it was good” after each day of creation, but at the end it says, “it was very good”?
  • This is all before sin entered into the world. What do you think the world was like when it was very good with nothing bad in it?
  • Where does our culture call something bad that God calls good?
  • Where does our culture call something good that God calls bad?
  • Why is it difficult to let God be the expert on what is good and bad?
  • How does this affect how we view ourselves?
  • How can we build a godly view of self-esteem into the next generation (or “our kids,” if relevant to your group)?
  • Switching gears: When is it difficult to believe that God only does what is ultimately good?
  • What is a circumstance in your life right now that you are struggling to see how God is doing good?

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