Community Group Questions 3-8-15

Weekly Tip:

  • Please make a push for people to get mobilized and join a missions team.   See details below under Announcements.
  • Continue to think about a potential new Community Group leader in your group?  Begin mentoring them and having them facilitate occasionally.
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  • March 15th is our Family Dedication Celebration. That is where parents can present their child before the church and commit to raising their child in a home that knows and loves Jesus. It’s an awesome opportunity for parents of young kids to commit to teaching their children about Jesus. If you want more information, just write “Family Dedication” on the back of your Connection Card or stop by the  Guest Services desk in the Kids Ministry.

Missions Trips  - Over the next  twelve months, we will be sending groups to Haiti, Guatemala, and Burkina Faso, Africa. Below you will find details for each of these trips.

  • Haiti  (June 11th-16th)  We will partner with Vision of Hope Ministries, focusing on a construction project, and seeing the many other ways VOHM impacts this extremely impoverished area of the world.  You would also have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child from the school in Cap Haitien.  Trip price is $995, with a $300 deposit due April 1st.
  • In Guatemala, we partner with Compassion International, offering two trips. The long trip (July 23rd - 29th) involves light construction projects, VBS classes, and stove building.  We will meet up with the short trip group for the last two days. Long trip price is $1,950, with a $300 deposit due April 1st.  The short trip (July 27th - 29th) will visit a compassion project and see how Compassion International does ministry in Guatemala. Both trips would allow you the great joy of meeting your sponsored child if applicable. Short trip price is $1,150, with a $200 deposit due April 1st.
  • Burkina Faso (January 14th-23rd). The majority of this trip will be spent ministering to children at the Sheltering Wings Orphanage, as well as the nearby residents.  We will also do some light construction and medical clinics if we have medical personnel on the trip. There will be an opportunity to meet your sponsored child if applicable.                          Trip price is $2,400

Sermon Title: Humanity Hardwired, Part 5: Wired for Work

Main Text:  Genesis 2:4-9, 15, Genesis 3:17-19, Colossians 3:23, Gen. 1:23


  • Genesis 2 takes a look at the creation from a different angle. Genesis 1 is a grand, poetic look at the creation of the world in it entirety. Genesis 2 is a parallel account from more of a story, or narrative look.
  • It mentions that no plant had yet sprung up, because there was no human to work it. This reveals that the world is made for humans to be in it, working on it and managing it.
  • In Genesis 2 it says, God planted a garden in a place called Eden. This is very revealing. The word Eden means - pleasure, joy, luxury. This helps us understand what the world was like at that point. There was no sin in the world. All there was was joy.
  • Then it says, God made man and put him in the garden to work it.
  • The concept that we have here is that Adam is commissioned to work the garden and it was full of joy every day.
  • So what went wrong? Why is our working experience not the same? Why is the word “work” synonymous with toil?
  • Genesis 3:17-19 shows the consequence when Adam and Eve rebelled. Now work is hard.
  • But the truth remains: We are Wired for Work.
  • There are many implications of this.
    1. Work is Holy
    2. Creation is Wired for Us to Work
    3. Work is Part of Our Purpose


Key Questions:

  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  • ICEBREAKER: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
  • READ: Genesis 2:4-9 and 15
  • The word Eden means: luxury, joy, pleasure. Why is it significant that humanity was originally put in a place called “Eden” to work?
  • From the beginning, God’s intention for humanity was to work. How does that challenge the feeling that work is “unspiritual”?
  • READ: Genesis 3:17-19
  • Can someone recap what happened in Genesis 3 to lead up to this point?
  • How is this punishment on Adam, an accurate description of what work is like?
  • What do you think it would have been like to work before this curse?
  • What does it look like for someone to pursue the “Manager of Eden” job?
  • What parts of the work in this season of life are fulfilling and what parts are toilsome to you?
  • What happens when we do not find the work rest balance presented in Genesis 1 and 2?
  • Where are you right now in that struggle?

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