Community Group Questions 4-5-15

Weekly Tip:

Last day for groups before our Summer Break is June 5th.  Let's make an effort to look at our group rosters and call those who have not been consistent in attendance.  Also, take the time to "clean up" your roster and delete those who have moved, etc.

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Sermon Title: Murder In The Garden, Part 1: The Crime

Main Text:  Genesis 3:1-15, 21-23


  • The Backstory: God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which is filled with lush trees and luscious fruit to eat. There are two noteworthy trees in the garden. The first is the Tree of Life. The Second is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He tells them not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He tells that that if they do, on that day they will die.
  • The Crime: The serpent traps Eve and Adam into eating the forbidden fruit. They gamble and believe the serpent. They immediately feel shame and try to cover it up.
  • The Getaway: They hear God coming and run and hide. Of course, playing hide and seek with God is a losing battle.
  • The Investigation: God asks them what happens. Adam blames Eve. Eve blames the serpent.
  • The Trial: God pronounces them guilty. He tells them the consequences of their actions. There are several things mentioned here, that represent larger categories of this. Here’s the overview: life will be a struggle. Our bodies will feel pain and disease. The ground itself will rebel against us. There will be disaster and evil. And there will even now be relational breakdown.
  • The First Twist: God makes them leave Eden. They will now no longer live forever. They must live with the consequences of their rebellion against God. They for the first time experience a world where everything doesn’t go their way. There is pain and brokenness and hurt. This reveals the twist in the story. It is a Murder Mystery, but the mystery is not really a “whodunit.” We know who did it: the serpent, Adam and Eve. The mystery is the victims.
    1. The victims are the culprits. They will no longer live forever. The crime is not merely eating a piece of fruit - it’s a murder. They brought pain and hurt on themselves. But there is more to this twist...
    2. We are the victims too! We now live in a world with pain and hurt and brokenness. We experience the world Adam and Eve brought on themselves. But that’s not all…
    3. We are also the culprits! We do the same things Adam and Eve do. We allow ourselves to be deceived. We pluck the tantalizing temptation and sin. We do that over and over in our lives. Living out this same scenario.
    4. But there is a second twist to this story...
  • The Second Twist: We are expecting Adam and Eve to be executed. That is what God said would happen. But instead he kills an animal and covers them with the skins. So they don’t die, but the animal dies instead. There is a substitute death. Why would God do that?
    1. During the Trial, God says something interesting to the Serpent. He says, “he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” In other words, one day there will be a descendent of Adam and Eve that will do battle with the Serpent, the Evil One. The Serpent will wound him, but He will ultimately crush the Serpent. What is He talking about?
    2. God would send Jesus Christ, the Son of God, into the world. He would be crucified and would die. But he would be raised from the dead defeating all death, sin and evil.
    3. This was God’s plan to restore the world back to its perfection. Anyone who puts their faith in Jesus will have all of their sin paid for. And will live in perfect Heaven for eternity.
    4. Who served the sentence of Adam and Eve’s crimes? Who paid the penalty for all of our crimes? Jesus!
  • One day, Jesus’ murdered body would be laid in a tomb in a Garden. But on the third day he would raise back to life in that garden! He will make a way for all of humanity to have eternal life again!

Announcements & Questions:

  • West Pines 1.0         If you are looking for a way to get involved here at West Pines, want to meet some new people, or have questions you want answered, come by 1.0 next Sunday, April 27, immediately following both services.  It's a quick, 30 minute event that will help you get connected at West Pines. If you've never been to 1.0 you should come next week.
  • Missions Trips         There are still a few spots available for the Haiti and Guatemala trips , but you will need to act fast!    Register on the West Pines site under Ministries
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  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
  • ICEBREAKER: In your growing up years, what got you in the most trouble? what was your punishment?
  • READ: Genesis 3:1-7
  • What human weaknesses did the serpent exploit to convince Eve to taste of the forbidden fruit?
  • Why was weaving some truth in with the lies so effective with Eve? Why is it effective with us?
  • How might someone today fall prey to the same tempting question, “did God actually say…?”
  • READ: Genesis 3:8-13
  • What are ways we play the “blame game” after we have sinned?
  • What are ways we “cover up” after we have sinned?
  • READ: Genesis 3:21-23
  • What do you think it must have been like for Adam and Eve to leave the garden and begin a life outside of perfection?
  • What is the significance of God covering Adam and Eve with skins?
  • In what ways do you identify with Adam and Eve?  What are some lessons we should learn from this story as we journey with God?

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