Community Group Questions 4-12-15

Weekly Tip:

Remember, the last day for groups before our Summer Break is June 5th.  Continue to invite new people to your group, so we can start the Fall session off strong!   Focus on the prayer requests for your group this week.  Have someone write them down and then share via e-mail. Encourage your group members to REPLY ALL during the week with new requests as they arise.

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Sermon Title:

Murder In The Garden, Part 2: The Setup

Main Text:  Genesis 3:1-15, 21-23


    • God was clear that they were not to eat of the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. That tree was named, The Tree of the Knowledge of good and Evil. God warned them that they would die the day they ate it.

    • Then the snake came along. It starts to tempt Eve to eat the fruit. As we know, the snake was successful. Both Adam and Eve ate the fruit. But how was the serpent able to talk them into taking such a risk. The stakes were high… death.

    • The snake was very crafty. His pitch was very intentional. And the setup was masterful.

    • He started by pushing them to question what God had said. That drew them into the conversation. He asked did God say you can’t eat from any of the trees?

    • Eve is eager to correct it. She said, “of course we can eat of all the trees. We just can’t eat from the one in the middle of the garden.”

    • Then her next line reveals their weakness. She says, “neither should we touch it.” God actually never said that. Satan digs in on this weakness.

    • How well we know what God, our Designer and Creator, has said is vital to us avoiding the same pitfalls as Adam and Eve. Over and over again the scripture warns us to stand firm on God’s words.

Announcements & Questions:

  • Missions Trips Deadline -  You need to register this week, on the West Pines site, to get involved in either the Haiti trip June 11-16, or the Guatemala trips July 23-29.  Contact Steve Englund at (954)604-2440 with any questions, or e-mail at

  • Be A Part Of Our Next Baptism Celebration

    We will be celebrating baptism on Sunday 5/3. We want to invite you to be a part of the celebration too!  To sign up, just write “baptism” on the back of your Connection Card. If you have been baptized, this is a great opportunity to volunteer to help out during the service. To volunteer, write “baptism volunteer” on the back of your Connection Card.

  • Mobilization Sunday:  Change the life of a Child

    On Sunday, April 26th, you will have the opportunity to sponsor children from three

    different organizations (Vision of Hope Ministries in Haiti, Sheltering Wings in Burkina Faso, and Compassion International all over the world).  Along with sponsorship, there are other opportunities to invest in their lives, like sponsoring a student’s Christian school tuition.  Monthly sponsorships range anywhere from $28 to $45.

  •  UNLEASHED, our Student Summer Mission Camp is  June 22-26, when our middle and high school students will be serving our community. This local sleep-away camp will give students the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God, build lasting friendships, and earn up to 100 volunteer service hours! To register or find out more, visit

  •  MEN: New Study Is Starting Soon

    We’re starting up a new 5-week study in our Men’s Ministry on the book of Galatians, designed to help you lead and equipping you to teach others. We’ll kick off the study with a Guys Night Out on Monday, April 20 at 7pm with free pizza and Flanigan’s wings. This is a great opportunity to get to know other guys and be encouraged for the week ahead.


    • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?

    • ICEBREAKER: What is your favorite murder mystery movie, show, or book?

    • READ: Genesis 3:1-6

    • How does his line of questioning show that the snake is very crafty?

    • Why do you think the snake leads off with this question?

    • What about Eve’s response reveals that she has not remembered God’s command accurately?

    • What is dangerous about taking away from what God has commanded in Scripture?  In what ways do we see this happening today?

    • What is dangerous about adding to what God has commanded?  In what ways do we see this happening today?

    • What does it look like when a Christ follower starts to forget to make God’s word a priority?

    • What have been ways that you have been successful about getting more of God’s Word on a regular basis?

    • Has there been a scenario recently, where something from God's Word was brought to mind at a very opportune time?

    • What are ways that you can more successfully make God’s word a regular part of your family’s routine?

    • What are you going to commit to do to anchor your life more firmly on God’s words?

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