Community Group Questions 5/3/15

Weekly Tip:

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Sermon Title:

Murder in the Garden, Part 5: The Cover-up

Main Text:  Genesis 3:6-13, Matthew 26:26-28


  • When Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit they react by trying to cover it up. The coverup takes three forms:
    1. they cover the shame of their nakedness with fig leaves
    2. they try to run and hide from God
    3. they blameshift
  • We see these same things in how we react to sin.
  • We have shame in our lives that we try to cover up. When we don’t want to be vulnerable with people, we are trying to cover up the real us. We do this when we will never let other people in. When we are always the ones who have to be the fixer or the helper. Often we won’t ever let someone else help us. We are trying to always present the cleaned up version of ourselves.
  • Sometimes we try to run and hide from God. When we sin, we isolate. We move as far away from God or spiritual things as we can. We can’t pray or go to church or read the Bible. It’s like we don’t want to be seen by God. Sometimes we don’t want to be around God’s people either. To keep our distance, we can create reasons to be mad at God or God’s people. That helps us justify why we are on the run.
  • We can also get good at blame-shifting. This can be simply on the surface where we will never accept criticism. We can never be confronted or corrected without attacking back. We always have excuses or blame someone else. And when there’s nothing else to blame, we critique how we have been approached. But this can also create deep complex patterns of blame-shifting in our lives. We can become defined by being the victim. We look at all of the negative things that have happened to us, and we completely let ourselves off the hook for anything we have done wrong. Always avoiding being the failure.
  • The tragic consequences of these things is that the more we are trying not to admit to being a failure or to being considered a failure, the deeper into failure we are sinking.
  • The simple reason we have these reactions to sin, is that we do not understand how the story of humanity ends. It is a happy ending. It is “good news.” It is the Gospel. God looks at us and accepts us just as we are. He is the One who knows us more intimately than we can fathom, and He loves us. And furthermore, He died in our place to wash us clean. If we know all of that, then why are we covering, hiding, blame-shifting?

Announcements & Questions:

  •  UNLEASHED, our Student Summer Mission Camp is  June 22-26, when our middle and high school students will be serving our community. This local sleep-away camp will give students the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God, build lasting friendships, and earn up to 100 volunteer service hours! To register or find out more, visit

  •  Men's Ministry Study in Galatians

    We’re in the third week of study on the book of Galatians.  Certainly not too late for you to join us! This is a great opportunity to get to know other guys and be encouraged for the week ahead.


    • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
    • ICEBREAKER: Have you ever had an experience where you had to run from a dangerous or uncomfortable situation?
    • READ: Genesis 3:6-13
    • Re-read verse 7. What do you think that moment actually felt like to be Adam and Eve?
    • What are some ways people try to cover their shame in today's world?  What are some unexpected results from this effort?
    • What does it look like to run from God?, Why do you think people run from God?  What are some unexpected results from our running?
    • What are common examples of people blame shifting?
    • When do you think people are most likely to blame shift?
    • Which of these reactions to sin are you personally most likely to fall into?
    • What are we not believing about God if we get caught in one of these reactions to sin?

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