Community Group Questions 5/17/15

Weekly Tip:

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Sermon Title:

Staying Afloat, Part 1: The Bow

Main Text:

Genesis 9:8-13, Genesis 6:11-22, Isaiah 49:15

Topics:  ( Not to be read in group.. this is for your review and recollection )

    • God destroys the earth by the flood. The earth is described as corrupt and being filled with violence. The Bible is not squeamish in describing corruption and evil. There are parts of the Bible that are astonishing to read. On top of that, God is amazingly patient with humanity.
    • But the earth at this point had gotten to the point that it is so filled with violence and corruption, that he destroys all life with the flood. It is hard for us to imagine how bad it must have been.
    • God saves Noah and his family in an ark.
    • At the end of the flood, God makes a covenant with Noah and all life, that He will never again destroy life like that. And He gives them a sign.
    • A sign would have been very practical for them at that point. It’s not hard to imagine the flashbacks they would have had the next time it rained.
    • Why the rainbow?
      1. It is a weapon. The word bow, is referring to a bow and arrow.
      2. Where is it pointing? It is pointing towards heaven not earth?
      3. Is it pulled back or relaxed? The half circle makes it look like it is pulled back towards heaven.
    • What is God communicating? The next judgment will be on Him instead of us. He will punish Jesus instead of us. When the rains come down it is a reminder that we deserve judgment. But then we see a rainbow and it reminds us that Jesus took the punishment instead of us!
    • The Gospel is presented to us every day in the sky!

Announcements & Questions:

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  • Men's and Women's Ministry begins again in July


    • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?
    • ICEBREAKER: What event first comes to mind when you think of great destruction and devastation?
    • READ: Genesis 6:11-22
    • The Bible is no stranger to describing corruption, and here it describes the earth as “filled with violence.”
      • What do you imagine the world to be like at this point?
      • How do you think someone who believes "mankind is essentially good" may deal with this passage?
    • READ: Genesis 9:8-17
    • What are some of the many emotions Noah and his family must have felt as we consider this story?
      • What do you think Noah’s family must have felt the next time that it rained?
    • Why is the symbol of the rainbow so powerful?
      • Why do you think God picked that to symbolize his covenant?
    • How does a rainstorm and a rainbow serve as a continual reminder to us of the gospel?
    • What does this story teach us about who God is?
    • Is there a particular promise from the Bible that you have really held on to recently?
      • Is there a particular promise that you need to better hold on to ?

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