Community Group Week of March 6, 2016

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Truly lead your group

There’s a reason why you are called a community group “leader.” Each group needs someone who…

  1. Takes the group in a healthy direction

  2. maintains the promised start and end times

  3. communicates important details

  4. initiates and facilitates discussion

  5. coordinates help if someone goes through a crisis or major life event

That's you! God has called you to be that leader!

Announcements :

  • Groups will take a 2 week break beginning March 20th.   Plan on resuming the week of April 3rd


      • We really want to get the word out to your neighbors and friends about our Easter Services.   Every time you share about our West Pines Easter Services on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+) you gain points for your team ( I personally recommend Team Red )
      • You must tag every post with #wpred, #wporange, or #wpyellow

      • Every week we’ll be giving you an update on the teams! Let's join forces and get the word out about Easter.
      • ( Did I mention that I recommend Team Red? )
      • Pick up a ton of the invite cards and incorporate those into your photo posts, etc.
  • MOVE ON OVER to 9 or noon!

    Thanks so much for all of you who are attending the 9am and 12pm service, we really appreciate all of you moving over to make room for our guests.  If you are attending the 10:30am and you are serving at the 9am or noon, you’re ok, Thank you for serving, but if you’re attending the 10:30am and you aren’t currently then do us a favor and MOVE ON OVER to 9 or noon!

  • Men’s Ministry is back in session! We are diving into the book of Romans. This is a great opportunity to study God’s Word, get to know other guys at West Pines, and be encouraged for the week ahead. We meet in the Fuge (our youth building directly across the parking lot from the main entrance to church) on Monday nights at 7pm. Contact Vince Harris or Steve Englund for more details.

  • Women’s Ministry: Living Proof Live Tickets    Join best-selling author Beth Moore at a Living Proof Live event and see how one weekend can change your life. Join us at Living Proof Live on April 1-2, 2016. And bring a friend. Our goal is to bring 100+ women, will you be one of them? Earlybird tickets are $59 until 2/15 after that the price is $69 per person. You can purchase your tickets during Women’s Ministry on Wednesday’s or email for more information.

  • Our Easter weekend services are expected to be packed out!  This means our Children's Ministry is going to be packed out.   If you can help ot during any of the three services, please contact Sandy Hall or Jenna Mesa 

  • On Friday, April 8th, Sheridan House will be holding our 36th Annual Spring Auction.  This year’s auction will be held on the Sheridan House Campus. The annual auction is a great event and we are super excited to once again have the auction on our property! If you are available to help, please let us know by responding to this email. Date:             Friday, April 8thCall time:       5:00-5:15pm for volunteersVenue:           Sheridan House, 1700 S. Flamingo Road, Davie 33325Attire:            Casual and modest (Please wear Cuban attire if you can). These are the areas of need: 
    • Parking
    • Refreshments
    • Food table assistants
    • Greeters/Guides
    • Registration/check-in/paddles
    • Kids Games
    • Silent Auction Helpers
    • Live Auction Pointers/Spotters
    • Set Up (Anyone who is available to help set up during the day on Friday, please let us know.  Rick Weber or Jon Adler will contact you to arrange a time.)

     Pierina Curran    Main:  (954) 583-1552   Direct Line: (954) 414-3392

  • Check out the Service Projects Tab for more opportunities

Sermon Title:

Shovels and Swords, Part 6: Shovels and Swords

Main Text: Nehemiah 2:17-20, 4:15-20

TOPICS ( Not to be read or e-mailed to your group.. this is for the leader's review and recollection )

  • As soon as Nehemiah casts vision and God rallies the people, the most predictable thing happened - opposition rose up.
  • This is always the case when it comes to building something of value. People are jealous, or threatened, or just plain against you. In anything we are building we should expect opposition.
  • Peter tells us (1 Peter 4:12-13), that we should expect opposition. He tells us not to be surprised. Jesus said the same to His disciples. We should expect opposition.
  • When we build, we don’t just carry shovels. We need to carry swords.
  • This is especially true when we are trying to do something of eternal value. When we are striving to build something for the Kingdom of God, we should be ready for opposition.


  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?

  • ICEBREAKER: Is there a particular Bible verse you refer to when you face uncertainty, trials, or opposition?

  • READ: Nehemiah 2:17-20

  • After all of his hard work to get to that moment, what do you think Nehemiah felt when he heard what Sanballat and Tobiah were saying?

  • Why do you think Sanballat Tobiah were so opposed to Nehemiah's efforts?

  • What weapons did Sanballat and Tobiah use against Nehemiah and his team?  How effective were those weapons?

  • How would you have responded to such mocking and ridicule?

  • How did Nehemiah respond to the mocking and ridicule?

  • What is the opposition against something you are striving to build?

  • Nehemiah chose not to address the unjustified criticism ....Is it difficult for you to NOT have an argument that you know you can win?

  • What are some examples of people allowing an unfounded criticism to lay claim in their life?

  • Discuss the importance and implications of needing both a shovel AND a sword as you build in life.

  • READ: 1 Peter 4:12-13 and discuss 

  • Why should we always expect opposition?

  • What are some practical things we can do to withstand opposition?

  • What has impacted you most so far with this story of Nehemiah?

Don't forget to post your attendance after group.