Community Group Week of March 13, 2016

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 Laugh With Those You Lead

Most people feel a lot of pressure when it comes to their relationship with God. And they’re well aware of all the areas where they fall short. As a leader, make sure you don’t take yourself too seriously. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Did you know that laughter is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, reduce stress hormones, and improve alertness, creativity, and memory? Nehemiah 8:10 says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Bring that kind of strength into your group.

Announcements :

  • Groups will take a 2 week break after this week.   We will resume the week of April 3rd


      • We really want to get the word out to your neighbors and friends about our Easter Services on March 27th.   Every time you share about our West Pines Easter Services on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+) you gain points for your team ( I personally recommend Team Red )
      • You must tag every post with #wpred, #wporange, or #wpyellow

      • Every week we’ll be giving you an update on the teams! Let's join forces and get the word out about Easter.
      • ( Did I mention that I recommend Team Red? )
      • Pick up a ton of the invite cards and incorporate those into your photo posts, etc.
  • HOP ON OVER to 9 or noon!

    Thanks so much for all of you who are attending the 9am and 12pm service, we really appreciate all of you moving over to make room for our guests.  If you are attending the 10:30am and you are serving at the 9am or noon, you’re ok, Thank you for serving, but if you’re attending the 10:30am and you aren’t currently then do us a favor and MOVE ON OVER to 9 or noon!

  • Men’s Ministry is also taking a 2 week break and will return on April 4th.  We will continue our study in the book of Romans.  Each week is a stand alone topic, so please jump in!

  • Our Easter weekend services on April 27th are expected to be packed out!  This means our Children's Ministry is going to be packed out.   If you can help ot during any of the three services, please contact Sandy Hall or Jenna Mesa 

  • Check out the Service Projects Tab for more opportunities

Sermon Title:

Shovels and Swords, Part 7: It’s Right in Front of You!

Main Text: Nehemiah 3

TOPICS ( Not to be read or e-mailed to your group.. this is for the leader's review and recollection )

  • Brief Recap
    1. Nehemiah is a jewish man serving the King of Persia
    2. He asks to be allowed to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall of the city
    3. The King grants his request and sends authorization and resources with him
    4. Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem and investigates before he instigates
    5. Nehemiah has cast vision to rebuild the wall
    6. The Builders face incredible opposition
    7. these are not professional wall-builders… 
  • In Nehemiah 3:1-4  we learn…
    1.  They all had a job... even the priests
    2.  They all did what was right in front of them…But there was one group that didn’t… the nobles wouldn’t stoop…they were not willing to serve.  They wouldn’t dig in and help the cause. Apparently they felt like they had earned the right to be above the dirty work.  They were at a place where they didn’t use shovels and swords, if they were needed for something more important, let them know…
    3. They should be willing to stoop to serve
  •  We have an individual and group responsibility to serve


  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?

  • ICEBREAKER: Do you prefer individual or team sports?  What athlete or team?

  • READ: Nehemiah 3

  • When was a time you were asked to do something that you were not equipped to do? how did that turn out?

  • What are some positive outcomes if we open ourselves up to these "stretch" opportunities?

  • Why is it so complicated to figure out what God wants us to do at times?

  • Discuss a few of the many ways in which Jesus exemplified true leadership.

  • What has God placed right in front of you that you may need to do, even if it may involve "stooping" to do it?

  • Discuss the mission of West Pines Community Church. What is your individual, as well as your "in a group" responsibility to fulfill that mission?

  • Is there a particular area of service that you have been considering checking out at West Pines?   Perhaps trying it out just on Easter Sunday?

Don't forget to post your attendance after group.