Community Groups Week of May 1st

Announcements :

  • Move On Over to 9am or 12 noon --- In preparation for Mother’s Day we would love to encourage you to MOVE ON OVER to either NINE OR NOON! Did you know that when you "Move On Over" you are actually making a bigger difference on Sunday mornings than you even realize? To "Move On Over" to 9am or Noon you make room for our guests at 10:30, for our Kids Ministry and our parking lot! However, if your attending the 10:30 service because you are serving at one of the other services than keep up the good work. We appreciate you!
  • Super-Mom Sunday --- If you’re a woman at West Pines, then you have influence in the lives of those around you. Get the people you love here next Sunday for Super Mom Sunday (May 8th), also known as Mother’s Day and we’ll make sure they are welcomed, encouraged and clearly present the Gospel to them. We’re also going to be starting a brand new series next Sunday, so make sure you don’t miss Super Mom Sunday!
  • Student Summer Camp, "UNLEASHED." Our Unleashed Summer Mission Camp is for you! From June 20-24 our middle and high school students will be out making a difference all over South Florida. For more information and to register today, go to, Early bird rate is $249.00.

Sermon Title: Against All Odds, Part 5: Neglect

Main Text: Nehemiah 13:4-18

TOPICS: (Not to be read or e-mailed to your group ... this is for the leader's review and recollection)

  • Once the wall is completed, Nehemiah and the other leaders build up the spiritual community. It is a great moment of redemption after Israel had been decimated and hauled off into captivity for disobedience.
  • Nehemiah returns to the King of Persia after being gone for approximately 12 years.
  • Some time later Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem. We don’t know how long this was, but likely years. What does Nehemiah find?
  • The leaders of Jerusalem have once again returned to sin! They are committing the same sins that led their forefathers into exile to begin with! Incensed, Nehemiah cleans house.
  • But we close Nehemiah, and the Old Testament, on a sad and hopeless note. Israel and humanity cannot live up to God’s standard.
  • It is a harsh warning about the dangers of neglect. We can never give up running hard after God with all that we have.
  • Those in greatest danger of complacency are those who have expertise. They forget that they still need to learn. It starts with expertise, then goes to complacency, then moves to apathy, then goes into full bloom as neglect.
  • But we also we leave the book of Nehemiah NOT saying, “we need more Nehemiahs.” Too many good leaders, prophets, and deliverers have come and gone and it’s always the same result. We leave Nehemiah knowing we need something greater than Nehemiah.


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

  • HIGH/LOW: What was the high point of your week and the low point?

  • Please read: Nehemiah 13 : 4-18

  • Describe what you think Nehemiah felt when he returned to Jerusalem?

  • Why was Nehemiah so angry when he returned? What had the people done and how is this a warning regarding complacency?

  • How is Nehemiah an "incredible redemption story," and how does that paint the picture of what God has done through Jesus?

  • "Expertise - Complacency - Apathy - Neglect." How is this pattern seen in our spiritual walk?

  • What are areas of our lives, we are tempted to neglect?

  • What is an area  you specifically feel like you may be neglecting?

  • What specifically are you going to do this week to change that?

  • When was the last time I opened the Bible and it's truth broke me? Let's talk about it.

  • Christian, when was the last time you fell before God and thanked Him for His grace ?


We love victory stories. We love seeing stories of great men and women who persevere until they reach their goal, their summit. But one of the saddest things is to see someone or some organization rise to great heights only to not be able to tumble down. Watching neglect destroy a something beautiful is a tragic thing to witness. Unfortunately, this is part of the story of an ancient leader named Nehemiah. When he takes leave from Jerusalem, after rebuilding things physically and spiritually, things spiralled downward. But what happens when he returns, teaches us something about the impact of neglect and what to do when we fall prey to it in our lives.

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