Community Groups Week of May 29th

Hi Everyone,

I first wanted to wish you and your families a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We celebrate and remember all whom have sacrificed and are currently sacrificing for us and our nation. Yet, ultimately, may we celebrate the freedom that we have been given in Jesus!

As you know, our Community Groups concluded  this past week. Thank you for all of the diligent work and careful attention you have served God's people with! As we begin your well deserved break for the summer let me remind you to feel free to stay in touch with your groups, and be encouraged to socialize with them over the break. A great idea would be to do a serving project together.

I am so excited to be serving along side all of you and look forward to the great things God will do in the coming seasons. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. We will be in touch soon...

You are Loved,

Pastor Frank