Community Groups Week of Jan. 29th

Announcements :  

  • Women’s Ministry - Women’s Ministry is a place where women from all ages and stages of life can come together, love on, encourage each other and learn more about becoming a godly woman and the great news that is we are going to be starting a brand new 6-week Bible study called “Finding I Am”.
      • Call your girlfriends and come out and join us starting Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm..
  • Men's Group: Join our Men's group on Monday nights at 7:30pm on campus as they are challenged by a great study by Pastor and Author Matt Chandler - "Recovering Redemption." 
  • Growth Tracks Table:  Don't forget you can always stop by the Growth Tracks table in the lobby on Sundays if you have any questions or need any information.

** Very Important: Please click on the link below for the week # 2 Leader video:

Week 2 blog video

Main Text:   Psalm 1:1-6

Sermon Title: Renovate, Part 4: Location, Location, Location

Sermon Topic: (Not to be read or e-mailed to your group … this is for the leader’s review and recollection)

  • God's word is foundational to a life that wants to grow and thrive. The Psalmist writes that the tree which is planted near the stream of water is the one that thrives. The tree, because of its proximity to the source (the water), is flourishing and prospering. The source causes what is connected to it to prosper. The desert is a desolate barren wilderness where almost nothing grows and certainly nothing thrives. Yet, there can be an oasis in the desert where rich foliage blossoms. The difference maker is the source that's being connected too. In our lives being connected to the source, God's word, is what allows us to thrive and grow as believers. In Psalm 1 the tree prospers because it is has been planted by the water, which nourishes and feeds it to grow in its environment.
  • When we are connected to God's word where we have been planted we too will flourish. God has planted us in a community of faith. As a community, as we remain connected to God's word we will grow. That's what we have been designed for, to be in community! We have no ability to walk this Christian road isolated or cut- off from the community we have been planted in. For growth and spiritual health devote yourself to regularly meet with, engage and be a part of the community of faith where God has placed you. To thrive don't just show up to church, be a part of the church!   


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

HIGH/LOW:     What was the high point of your week and the low point?

Please read:     Psalm 1:1-6

  • Why do you think the author of Psalm 1 selected the metaphor of a tree by a stream?
  • How does the scripture nourish our lives?
  • How does your connection to the scriptures impact where you've been planted? 
  • What would it ideally look like for you and your family to be planted closer to the streams of God’s Word?
  • We are designed to be in community together (Heb. 10:24). Are you devoted to regularly meet, encourage and grow with the community of faith that you have been planted in? 
  • What was a time when someone in the church, who spoke into your life, impacted you?
  • When was the last time you read the scriptures and God gripped you by His greatness, challenged you by His holiness or drove you to see His mercies?
  • What comes to mind right now, as you consider the need for a community to be anchored in God's word and how that has changed you?
  • Can a Christian live a growing and thriving life of faith without the community of faith?  
  • What does it look like to be a greater part of the community of faith?
    • (Leader: serving, groups, etc..)
  • What is one step you can take this week to make that happen?


  • What if you decided to get into the business of flipping houses. So, you buy a fixer-upper, that needs a ton of work. You gut the whole thing. You put in a lot of hours and a lot of money. And at the end of all the renovation, the house looks beautiful. You are ready to sell. But there’s one major problem: the location is abysmal. The realtor informs you that it is pretty much hopeless to get someone to buy this house. He reminds you of the old saying: location, location, location. It doesn’t matter how much renovation you attempt, if you are in a bad location, it’s pretty much a waste. Psalm 1 says something similar about our spiritual lives. If you want to thrive, you need to be situated in a place where God’s word is constantly present.

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