Community Groups Week of Feb. 5th

Announcements :  

  • Women’s Ministry - Women’s Ministry is a place where women from all ages and stages of life can come together, love on, encourage each other and learn more about becoming a godly woman and the great news that is we are going to be starting a brand new 6-week Bible study called “Finding I Am”. Call your girlfriends and come out and join us starting Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm..

  • Men's Group: Join our Men's group on Monday nights at 7:30pm on campus as they are challenged by a great study by Pastor and Author Matt Chandler - "Recovering Redemption." 

  • Growth Tracks Table:  Don't forget you can always stop by the Growth Tracks table in the lobby on Sundays if you have any questions or need any information.

  • Baptism Celebration: One of the most exciting things we do here at West Pines is our Baptism Celebration! Mark your calendars now as we prepare for baptism celebration Sunday on February 26th. Baptisms after every service. 

  • Student Ministry Parent Meetings:  We’re going to be having the most important parent meetings we will have in Student Ministry all year in a few days. We’re going to be sharing details about student camp, a mission trip opportunity to the Bahamas, and also giving you a chance to connect to your student's tribe leaders. MS Parent Meetings: Sunday, 2/12 immediately following the 10:30am and 12:00pm services and HS Parent Meeting: Wednesday, 2/22 from 6:30-7:15pm.

** Very Important: Please click on the link below for the week # 3 Leader video:

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Main Text:   Psalm 88

Sermon Title:   Struggling with God


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

HIGH/LOW:     What was the high point of your week and the low point?

Please read:     Psalm 88

  • What was your reaction when you saw how blunt this Psalm writer was with God?

  • How did you respond to God when you have felt overwhelmed, overcome and overburdened by darkness?

  • At a moment of raw fear, have you thought, "God, why have you forgotten me?" How long before you turned to God?  

  • Why do you think Christians are sometimes afraid to admit that they are struggling with God?

  • Is there something in this season that you have been wrestling with God about? If not now, has there been something in the past?

  • What are some practical things we can do when we are struggling with God?

  • How does a mature Christian respond to God in their anger, doubt and fear? 

  • Name some of the promises of God that you cling to in times of struggle. 

    •  (Leader: for example, Psalm 84:11, Phil. 4:19, James 1:5, 1 Cor. 10:13)

  • Is it ok (safe) to get angry with God? 

    • (Leader - Remind your ppl of the 3 points):

    • God is secure enough to handle our doubts. 

    • God is gracious enough to handle your anger. 

    • God is loving enough to handle your questions. 


  • What happens when someone is angry at God? According to the Bible, God is so Holy that if we even saw a glimpse of Him, we would immediately die. We can’t handle His terrifyingly awesome glory. But let’s have a moment of truth. Has there ever been a time when you have questioned Him? Maybe deep down you are really struggling with God because of something He allowed in your life. It could be something recently or something a long time ago. But it is a serious offense to doubt God and question, God. Right? So often we just swallow those feelings and try to ignore them. We certainly wouldn’t admit them to anyone else. We are supposed to be stable, consistent, faith-filled people. How could we ever admit that we are wrestling? If you’ve never read Psalm 88, you may be surprised how the Bible directs us to handle ourselves when we are struggling with God.

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