Community Groups Blog Week of March 19th

Community Groups Week of March 19th

Announcements :

MISSIONS :  Last week we announced that we have 3 incredible mission trips planned for 2017 and we are excited to invite you to find out more about them.

  • This year we’ll be going to Haiti, Guatemala and our Student Ministry is doing a student and family trip to the Bahamas.
    • If you are interested in missions, then we’d love to encourage you to contact the church office and/ or Pastor Josias and we’ll send you some more information this week.

  • STUDENT CAMP: UNLEASHED MISSIONS Camp mobilizes middle and hight-school students to serve their community. DATES: July 10th- 14th 2017  /  PRICE: $219.00 before April 1st.  

* Very Important: Please click on the link below for the week # 6 Leader video:

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Main Text:   John 4: 7-26

Sermon Title: In The Ring, Part 2:  Love vs. Truth


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

HIGH/LOW:  What was the high point of your week and the low point?

Please read:   John 4: 7-26

  • When have you been in a circumstance that you felt like you had to chose between love and truth? Have you ever kept them at odd's? 

  • How does Jesus' compassion impact the woman at the well? How does it impact you?

  • Jesus, lovingly, is revealing how this woman is trying to satisfy a longing ... what is the longing of your heart that Jesus wants to satisfy? 

  • Compare how Jesus' treats this woman with the Apostle Pauls words in Ephesians 4:15. (Leader: Jesus was acting out (Doing!) what Paul was teaching..)

  • What does it look like to speak the truth with love vs. without love?

  • Which is more your tendency to be loving without the truth or be truthful without love?

  • What is one situation in your life right now that requires love and truth? How are you going to handle it?
  • If truth and love go hand in hand why do we so often separate them? 


  • There are two good friends that for some reason people always think are fighting. Some even think these two are enemies that can never be reconciled. But they are not really at odds at all. In fact, they love being together, always drawing the best out of each other. They are miserable when they are apart. You would never want one without the other. Who are these two friends? Love and Truth. Some people more naturally lean to the side of love leaving out truth. And some people lean more to the side of truth leaving out love. But truth and love are inseparable friends, attached at the hip. They should always go arm in arm.

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