Community Groups Week of May 14th

Community Groups Week of May 14th

Announcements :

* "FEEDING SOUTH FLORIDA" -  Community Group serving Opportunity - On May 20th ALL community groups will be serving at "Feeding South Florida" - Review handout for details. Let us know if you have any questions. 

* "Family Dedication" THIS Sunday!! - Sunday, May 21st we will be celebrating Family Dedication. This is the time where families with young children will be presenting their children and dedicating to raise them in a Godly Home. Contact church office with any questions you may have! 

Very Important: Please view the Leader video below for week #4:

Main Text:   2 Kings 5:15-27

Sermon Title:  Identity, Part 4: Insiders?


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

HIGH/LOW:  What was the high point of your week and the low point?

Please read:   2 Kings 5:15-27

REFLECT:  The story of Naaman's conversion is an account of not simply an external transformation but an internal conversion! That is his NEW identity! How we identify ourselves is a key part about us!

  • How is what happened externally to Naaman a picture of what was happening internally?

  • Are there ways in which, or areas that, you are still trying to earn acceptance or approval from people (work, family?)? From God?? 

  • What is surprising about a Syrian general getting healed of leprosy, and Elisha’s servant contracting it?

  • Self-righteousness lingers in the heart of men/ women ... what are some ways we tend not to see it at work in our lives? 

  • How is self-righteousness the opposite of the Gospel? How does the Gospel message repel self-righteousness? 

  • How do we maintain our true identity built on the Gospel?

    • This is who we are!  LEADER: READ Ephesians 1: 11-14 , Colossians 2: 13-15
  • If you are an "outsider", how does the Gospel speak to you? If you are an "insider" how does it speak to you? 


  • Insiders. Those that are in the right groups, have the right status, or know the right people. Almost every sphere of life has them. But what does someone who’s on the “inside” look like when it comes to spiritual things? Maybe spiritual insiders are those who know a lot about their faith. They are well read and can answer people’s questions. Maybe it’s the people who are really loving and hospitable and generous. They sacrifice a lot for others. Maybe it’s the person who has a religious position. They are a leader in their church or faith group. Interestingly, the story of Naaman pushes our conventional thinking about who is an insider. What does it take to be accepted by God? It may surprise you what the Bible says about what an insider looks like.

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