Community Groups Week of May 7th

Community Groups Week of May 7th

Announcements :

* "FEEDING SOUTH FLORIDA" -  Community Group serving Opportunity - On May 20th ALL community groups will be serving at "Feeding South Florida" - Review handout for details. SIGN UP TODAY!!

 Mother's Day: Next Sunday (5/14) is the one day of the year that you can ask your whole family to come to church with you. And guess what? They’ll come...because you're pretty awesome and they can’t deny you.  So, make sure to get your Mom's, Grandmother's and your neighbors! 

Very Important: Please view the Leader video below for week #3:


Main Text:   2 Kings 5:1-7

Sermon Title:  Identity, Part 3: The Core Question


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

HIGH/LOW:  What was the high point of your week and the low point?

Please read:   2 Kings 5:1-7

  • What do you think were some of the emotions running through Naaman when he was healed in the Jordan?

  • Ultimately, what does Naaman come to know?    (Leader: What does he learn? )

  • In what ways does this miracle shift Naaman’s spirituality?

  • How does your life show that it's built on your own perceived control? 

  • What is harder for you to give up: control or glory?

  • We all love praise and attention, but how does Elijah's treatment of Naaman demonstrate that God gets the praise? 

  • Why are we running after control and glory when time after time we see God is the one in control? 

    • Cross Reference:  Proverbs 19:21 , Psalm 33: 10-11 , Ecclesiastes 7:29 ,  Proverbs 21:30, Isaiah 46:10

  • What would be different in your life if you gave control and glory exclusively to God?

  • As you reflect on your own life, how can you give the glory, surrender the control to Jesus that He deserves? 

  • How have you given God the credit for the favor He has shown you?


  • Control. That is a tough thing to give up. It’s not just “control freaks” that want control. We all do. Some could say it’s the hardest thing to give up. But what about glory? Glory is hard to pass up. Deflecting recognition or praise for something is not our instinct. What about letting someone else get credit when you deserve some too? That’s not easy. But which is harder? Would you be happier giving up control to get glory or giving up glory to get control? But maybe that’s not the real question. What if surrendering control AND glory would actually make us the happiest? The story of Naaman once again turns the world upside down, and shows us how our instincts often need to be reprogramed.

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