Community Groups Week of Sept. 24

Community Groups Week of Sept. 24th

"Women's Ministry" - Come join us for our Women's Ministry Bible study this WEDNESDAY (27th) @ 10am and 7pm in the multipurpose room. Join us for a great bible study in the Book of Hosea! 

Very Important: Please view the Leader video below for week #2:

Main Text:   1 Thessalonians 1:4-7

Sermon Title:  Upside Down, Part 1: REPLICATE


(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!)

Please see "Upside Down" series booklet for the initial questions - then proceed to use the booklet for note-taking and sermon reminders.


1) “You can teach what you know, but you replicate who you are."

               Discuss the difference between teaching and replication. 

              If replication is the greater influence, is there value in teaching? Why?

2) Teaching is instruction, but replication is immersion.

    In which spheres of life are these distinctions evident?

      (Leader: Examples - Children, Work, School, Team, Mentor Relationships)

In each of these spheres, what are some examples where immersion impacts how leaders influence their followers?

How we speak to our spouse?

How generous we are?

How we spend/save?

How diligent/hardworking we are?

Our attitude towards modesty?

Our attitude towards gossip?

3) In order to replicate healthy behaviors, our souls must be healthy.

What does a healthy soul look like?

How does a person feed their soul?

How can we help each other’s souls be fed?

 Don't forget to post your attendance after group.