Community Groups Blog Week of Jan. 21st

* Announcements: 

  • Baptism Celebration:  On Feb. 4th we will be celebrating Baptism. 

    • Adult Class: Jan. 28th , 9:15 in Multipurpose room

    • Kids class: Jan. 28th , 1:15 in the Yard. 

  • Next Steps Class: Jan. 28th at 12noon in the multipurpose room


Hi Leaders, 

I'm excited as we begin this new Community Group quarter. I am so grateful for your leadership and enthusiasm as we serve to make Mathetes! As you review the blog you may notice some changes.  We are streamlining this blog and some other processes in order to maximize our efforts for vibrant and effective group life. 

So this week, let's start with this question: "Tell us about your Baptism experience."

Refrain from doing the "High/ Low" segment. Don't get into any sermon questions until after you have gone around your group and heard their Baptism stories! Perhaps start with your own Baptism story! Let them share their stories... and for those that don't have one encourage them to consider engaging this public display of their faith (if they are Believers). 

The idea is to encourage any who need this as a next step and to spotlight our Baptism celebration on Feb. 4th and share its significance.

Thanks so much. Pastor Frank   


Part 3: Inside Out?

Main Text: Romans 1:21-23

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

1.  Paul is speaking to all of humanity in this text ("They") ... What does he say about us: our thoughts, our hearts, our character? 

2. There are many examples where the culture around us declares where to find truth: "Follow YOUR dreams," "Follow YOUR heart," "Be true to YOURSELF." But, as you reflect on God's word, what do we begin to discern is happening here? 

3. What is the problem with TRUTH being INSIDE you? How does the Bible confront this? (See: Jeremiah 17:9)

4. If our (humanities) hearts are dark (sick), what must happen to our hearts to reshape them? What do we need?  ( See: Ezekiel 36:26, Psalm 51:10, Romans 12:2 , Romans 5:1, 5:8-9)

Don't forget to post your attendance after group.