Community Groups Blog Week of Feb. 11th

Community Groups Blog: Week of Feb. 11th


BASICS Class: Begins Feb. 18th - 3 Sundays in a row... 9am- 10:15

    • Teaching the foundational elements of the faith!



Part 1: What Jesus Can Do

Main Text:  Mark 5:1-20

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • Can someone give a recap of the story?

  • What would it have been like to live in that city with that man? What do you think that man was going through?

  • This passage shows the destruction of what evil can do and we see that in our city as well. If Jesus could accomplish a few key things in our city, what would you want them to be?
  • This city asked Jesus to leave, because the cost was too high. What do you think they potentially missed out on?

On Sunday we heard our strategy for how we want to get the power of Jesus flooding through our city. Check out this clip from Sunday...  (Leaders- Please show this short video to entire group. Then discuss the 3 questions that follow it (below)).  

1. Given the three prong strategy that was shared on Sunday, what excites you the most about where God is taking our church next?

2. How do you think this strategy will make an impact on our South Florida community?

3. How does understanding our strategy now motivate you to commit to it (To be ALL In)?

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