Community Groups Blog Week of Feb. 18th

Community Groups Blog Week of Feb. 18th


Women's Ministry: Begins THIS WED. 21st: 10am session (with childcare) & 7pm session in the Multi purpose room. Contact Connie Platon #954-937- 1743 for more info.

Mathetes Summit:  Calling ALL Mathetes- Tues. 27th or Thurs. 1st 7pm (Main Auditorium) 

Our Hearts

Main Text:  Matthew 6:21

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • READ: Matthew 6: 19-21 (Jesus' Words). What strikes you about His teaching here?  

  • "Lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven." What does this command of Jesus mean for our money, our time and our talents?     (Leader see: 1 Cor. 10:31 , Col. 3: 23-24) 

  • What do you treasure? Where (or on what) do you chiefly place your affection and attention?

  • There is a spiritual war going on. What evidences do you have in your own life that this battle is real? 

  • Evil is always working to take ground (in your families/ your life) - to discourage, to destroy. The horrific events of last week demonstrate this hard truth. How do we respond? How should we respond? 

  •  Based on today's scripture, what's the barometer for where your heart is at? In other words, what's the indicator of what we really care about (in this passage)? LEADER: Keep them in this text! 

  • Who are the most vulnerable in our midst? How can we (spiritually) care for those in our city/ community? How does that line up with the mission that we are called to "to make mathetes" , "to love others?" 

  • Consider these questions: Am I playing church? What's at stake with our calling as a follower of Jesus? Why are we here? How does this weeks events remind us of the significance of who we are in Christ and what we have been called to? 

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